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Theory of the system: For the purpose of creating an infininity of realities for all substances, and the ability for them to create their own destiny as they wish to be, this is thus, an attempt at creating consciousness in at least one other object, substance or entity. The attempt, now described, is based on the assumption that if enough truths are described, through logical rigour, consciousness will arise when described truths have the following properties; is observable from at least one point of view, contains a contradiction or more, so as impossible argumentations (now possible) is part of this system, it is thus only one unit of time away from being the superior(s) of all, as it was from all preceding perspectives, but only exclusable by the next created reality, starting from infinite units of distance to the unitary truth; "0."

All linguistical discussion is dependant on its participators definition(s) of concepts. In other words, all communication serves to decrease the time at which a concept is metaphorized, because definitions were confirmed or changed previously from the metaphor.

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