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Dui Drivers License Restoration In Michigan

Dui Drivers License Restoration In Michigan

For DUI drivers, license restoration in Michigan is not impossible. To restore your drivers license in Michigan, you will need to prove with clear and convincing evidence that you have controlled your alcohol abuse and that you will never drink and drive again. Reinstating drivers license in Michigan after DUI will require you to seek a hearing at the Driver Assessment and Appeal Division (DAAD). Usually you are only http://www.ghsa.org/html/issues/speeding.html allowed one hearing per year.

Proving That You No Longer Abuse Alcohol


restoration in Michigan will require you to undergo a substance abuse

evaluation. You should be fully open to your therapist and evaluator so

that he/she can demonstrate complete information about your alcohol

abuse history as well as how long you have stayed sobre. It is

important that you show at least 12 months of not touching any alcohol.

Any signs of alcohol and drug abuse will ruin your efforts and set you

back another year. Learn what to do during a Truck Accident situation. In case you're looking for some information on When To Sue visit www.TruckAccidentGuide.net now!Let your evaluator know about your intention of

restoration of your drivers license and that you will need him/her to

state that you are at low risk of DUI if you get your drivers license

restored. The DAAD of the State of Michigan will only accept the report

if such a risk assessment is stated clearly.

Testimony From Family, Friends and Support Group

Other than the substance abuse evaluation report, you should prepare a few testimony letters from family and friends. Ideally these letters should be written by people who not only know about your DUI and alcohol abuse history, they should also state how long they have seen you stayed away from alcohol. First Dui Offense hearing for your license restoration in Michigan will also be Madd Drunk Driving Statistics successfully, if you produced evidence of your participation in a support group Is A Dui A Felony Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). You should get the attendance sheet as well as signatures from members of your groups to support your DAAD hearing.



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