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The Bissell ProHeat additionally carpet cleaner machine features a 10-brush spinning technology that some reviewers say is more efficient than Hoover's five spin brushes. However, what reviewers don't enjoy as well is Bissell's tank -within-a-tank bladder technology that they say is as difficult to fill, empty, and clean as Hoover's double tank design.

But let us get to the water feature that is heated. You fill the Bissell with hot water from your tap, but the ProHeat Premier keeps it warmed as you clean, rather than letting it cool down. Users say they feel as if this steady supply of hot water offers a more sanitary level of cleaning than other systems -- although Bissell doesn't claim that this carpet cleaner's water reaches the temperatures that would be considered sanitizing. In reality, Bissell doesn't offer any informative data on the temperature at which the water is preserved -- they were not even in a position to tell us when we called customer service -- but users say "it is hot, but not scalding." Still, picky cleaners, particularly those with pets, love this attribute.

Additionally, the Bissell ProHeat Premier 47A23 gets very good reviews for its powerful suction; owners say it does not leave the carpeting wet that it takes forever to dry. The ProHeat Premier includes a hose and stain tool attachment for upholstery and difficult-to-reach areas like stairs.

It's specially intended for pets, with a hair collection basket and 12 rows of brushes, rather than the 10 rows of the ProHeat.

Owners say that the Bissell 36Z9 works as advertised. It gets enthusiastic reviews from users -- particularly those who have multiple pets -- who say it is a top performer and has totally rekindled their carpeting. Additionally they say they love the water technology that is heated plus it has quite powerful suction, many feel that it brings a higher level of cleaning to the process. The 36Z9's effectiveness in sucking up pet hair that individuals didn't even know existed gets particular kudos. Even the upholstery brush is said to work very well, an affection that often gets mixed reviews on the Hoover carpet cleaners.

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