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Tips to Boost Your Sales by Impeccable Counter Display Boxes

Profit is the bottom line of every business; every business does its level best to boost the profit and reduce the costs. However, if you are into a products-based business, you would agree that selling something is getting harder and harder day by day. There was a time when it was easy for people to choose a niche which was not saturated and make money; this is not the case anymore. However, I believe that a major aspect is still ignored and as long as you make a product which can be packed in small display counter boxes and sold, you still have good chances.

Counter displays are still underrated and people do not fully understand the importance of these displays. Businesses tend to ignore the importance of counter displays and they simply do not look at the number of customers who get into a mall and who buy stuff from counter displays while checking out. This is one big opportunity. I have bought a lot of chapsticks, chewing gums, candies, snacks, lighters and whatnot, a minute or so before leaving the checkout counter, and where exactly do you think I bought these items from? Yes, exactly! From the counter display.

So, now we know that counter display is a must if someone wants to sell their items and boost the sales, but how to do it is the actual question. You can ask yourself when was the last time when you bought a product from an inconspicuous and unimpressive counter display. I know, the answer will be along the lines of “I can’t recall.” It is because no one stares at something which is not prominent, attractive and compelling. Ask a shopkeeper to keep at his counter a brown colored, bore, and dull display, and he will tell you why not. These displays are designed to attract the customer and make an impact.

Now, it trickles down to how you can make it possible. Well, first of all, do get the counter display boxes if you do not have them already. Secondly, only use these boxes if your product is worth less than $20; people who are about to check out, are mostly not willing to buy a product which is worth more than $20. Affordable products of EDC use and edibles below $20 sell faster and easier. Yet, the best results are given by the products which are below $5. If you add a tear-off coupon to such a product, it will have better chances to sell.

Once you have decided the pricing, now it is about designing the product display. Remember, all the steps from going about it to pricing to placing it on the coupons and everything that you have about it will go in vain unless you take proper care to take the last step. This step designs. You need to do little research on the colors and their impact on human psychology. Once done, make sure to design and develop a counter display with beautiful colors and vibrant graphics. Job well was done! Now you are all set to boost your sales.

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