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Eurovision song contest Oslo 2010

Albania: Juliana Pasha: It's all about you. 
Armenia: Eva Rivas: Apricot stone. 
Azerbaijan: Safura: Drip drop. 
Bosnia & Herzegovina: Vukasin Brajic: Thunder and lightning. 
Belgium: Tom Dice: Me and my guitar. 
Bulgaria: Miroslav Kostadinov: Angel si ti. 
Belarus: Butterflies: 3+2. 
Switzerland: Michael von der Heide: Il pleut de l'or. 
Cyprus: Jon Lilygreen: Life looks better in spring / Jon Lilygreen and The Islanders. 
Germany: Lena: Satellite. 
Denmark: Chanée: In a moment like this / Chanée & n'evergreen. 
Estonia: Malcolm Lincoln: Siren. 
Spain: Daniel Diges: Algo pequeñito. 
Finland: Kuunkuiskaajat: Työlki Ellää. 
France: Jessy Matador: Allez olla olé. 
UK: Josh Dubovie: That sounds good to me. 
Georgia: Sofia Nizharadze: Shine. 
Greece: Giorgos Alkaios: Opa / Giorgos Alkaios & friends. 
Croatia: Feminnem: Lako je sve. 
Ireland: Niamh Kavanagh: It's for you. 
Israel: Harel Skaat: Milim. 
Iceland: Hera Björk: Je ne sais quoi. 
Lithuania: InCulto: Eastern European funk. 
Latvia: Aisha: What for?. 
Moldova: Sunstroke Project: Run away / Sunstroke Project & Olia Tira. 
FYR Macedonia: Gjoko Taneski: Jas ja imam silata. 
Malta: Thea Garrett: My dream. 
Netherlands: Sieneke: Ik ben verliefd : Sha-la-lie. 
Norway: Didrik Solli-Tangen: My heart is yours. 
Poland: Marcin Mrozinski: Legenda. 
Portugal: Filipa Azevedo: Há dias assim. 
Romania: Paula Seling: Playing with fire / Paula Seling & Ovi. 
Serbia: Milan Stankovic: Ovo je Balkan. 
Russia: Petr Nalitj: Lost and forgotten / Peter Nalitch & friends. 
Sweden: Anna Bergendahl: This is my life. 
Slovenia: Ansambel Zlindra: Narodnozabavni rock / Ansambel Zlindra & Kalamari. 
Slovakia: Kristina Pelakova: Horehronie.
Turkey: maNga: We could be the same. 
Ukraine: Alyosha: Sweet people.

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