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Fra Navn

skrevet: Thu. d. 28. Nov.

Relentless - I think a cute dress is a good idea. My photographer told me that we shuold not match but accent each other. In my casual outfit I wore a black top with jeans and a turquoise blue beaded necklace. The Candyman wore jeans and a light blue shirt. For the fancier shots I was in a bright turquoise and red flower dress (you saw the pics right?) and he was in a grey suit with a blue shirt no tie. I have only seen 4 pics so far but I like them all. Agree must be comfy. Also if you're wearing heels bring a comfy pair too. You might be walking a bit depending on your photographer. HAVE FUN! http://pfhaeeu.com

skrevet: Thu. d. 28. Nov.

Today I meet a young man who's now a freshman at EMU very ouongitg and an avid conversationalist. He's a serious football fan (never a player) and wanted my opinion of a EMU marketing line that goes something like this We'll Show them How Tough We Are! His view was that the EMU football team is not tough and never has been in his lifetime, and is irrelevant to people who care about football. He seriously knows and cares about college football and is very happy to be at EMU: but nothing about EMU football brought him here. It is a pleasure always to meet students who are so articulate and passionate about their interests.

Fra Navn

skrevet: Thu. d. 28. Nov.

I was wondering what the Nuggets were going to do at 2 and 3. Since Gallinari and Wilson Chandler have no shot at being a SG I guess they had to put Iggy there. I will never put Monta Ellis in the top 7 of atynhing unless it is "Most Overrated Players Ever". My list:1. Kobe Bryant2. Dwyane Wade 3. Manu Ginobili4. Joe Johnson5. Andre Iguodala 6. Eric Gordon7. James Harden 8. Arron Afflalo9. Kevin Martin10. Paul George11. Monta Ellis http://tejuibzvkxv.com

skrevet: Mon. d. 25. Nov.

and also it's funny that you hated on the blue and green canucks besacue it was too simple and yet your wearing one with no bottom stripes or even a logo! Hippocrit!

skrevet: Mon. d. 1. Apr.

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