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Freewebsite ApS is a Danish company, operating in the international market. We offer websites to private, companies and associations. The concept has existed since 2009 and we have a strong team, ready to give you the best experience as a customer.

Behind the name Freewebsite, is a mission to create the ultimate service that gives you freedom in every aspect. Free number of pages, free web storage and free frames to place all the elements on your site. We have our focus on offering you a free environment, where you can make your own website after your needs. Therefore we have developed a Drag and Drop page type, that gives you wide opportunity to freely place text, image - and video elements on your website.

Freewebsite targets a wide audience and we have thousands of users. We focus on having designs, features and opportunities for most people. Our website service is easy to use and we have users of all age groups. IT performance and experience is not a prerequisite for being able to create a great looking website in our system.


The concept behind Freewebsite is to give you all the tools, to quickly and easily make a good website, as you want it.

Everyone can make a nice and functioning website, in our system, by a wide selection of designs, page types and functionality. We offer you the opportunity to buy extra features or a unique domain., for the users who wants something extra. All elements that can help making a better website.

Freewebsite are constantly working to expand and improve our website builder. So if you have feedback or questions, feel free to contact us.

We are looking forward to having you as an user and we are hoping for a long cooperation.

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