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Eco Ways Of How To Save Water

Saving water might be pretty easy and not only a money saving task but also friendly to the environment. If you are aware of water saving problem and have a lot of information about it take a look at the bullet point below and make sure that you know and have done everything to make usage of water a...


Get All Your Questions About Home Mortgages Answered Here

There are a lot of people out there seeking home mortgages, but very few are going to find a fair, secure loan. Most will end up paying far too much, and others won't be able to afford the terms. These are obviously traps you want to avoid like the plague, and thus it's in your best interest to lear...


Personal Development Goals

Everyone has a desire to get ahead, to set goals for themselves, and seek personal growth in all walks of life. Life in itself can be challenging and sometimes, basic survival becomes the need of the hour. Furthermore, competition, work pressure, and responsibilities have to be dealt with. Faced wit...


The Johari Window Explained - InfoBarrel

The Johari Window pioneered by Joseph Luft and Harry Ingram, is an insightful model that effectively describes various facets of human interactions and peer to peer relationship dynamics and helps people in gauging their mental stability. Developed in 1950, the model which is a psychological concept...


Maxine Powell, mentor to Motown stars, dies at 98

By Kevin Wang, CNNOctober 15, 2013 -- Updated 1301 GMT (2101 HKT)Motown mentor Maxine Powell played an influential role in nurturing its future stars including The Supremes.STORY HIGHLIGHTSNEW: Smokey Robinson: "Evidence of her will live on through all of the Motown family"Maxine Powell was one of M...

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