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After I wrote that post, it produced me want to create an article about why the mistress even exists. Why do ladies like married males? Aren't there sufficient solitary men to choose from? Why select a married 1?

The "good" information concerning this most current article: My final article attracted the most page views and "likes" (over 1,000) of any post I have ever created and experienced printed because August 2009. Prior to this last post, the other post of mine that experienced formerly garnered the most web page sights and "likes" inside the first forty eight-72 hours after it was published was my post entitled, When you comprehend the Madonna / Whore Complex, you fairly much understand men (which in its personal way, indirectly relates to the content material of this most recent article).

Finally, I am just heading to be genuine Tywanna. I have *never* met a woman who was willing to be the mistress or 'on-the-side honey' of a man who was average or much less-than-average in mattress. By no means. The only exception would be if that man was extremely wealthy and financially generous. Monetary favors and great sex are truly the only two elements that encourage a woman

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