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The advertisement is a water-powered sawmill in the upper Laucherttal in the church today Burladingen between Holstein and Horsham under Staten on the Swain Alb. The advertisement was by the over ten years ago in the German film first aired "The Harlot knows what happens to us" as "Albemarle" known nationwide. Advertisement on the last survived the sisters Clara and Marie Walsh, who lived to old age in the mill under conditions of a long lost time, no running water, no electricity, no TV, no washing machine, and the like as a self-catering. In the upper Laucherttal between Stetted and Hirschman is already mentioned for the first time in 1406 and saw-mill grinding. This first mention of the former flour mill, which belonged to the castle, was, in context, as the killer the right to annual interest from the Call-mill was sold. In 1590 acquired the master punch the time still run as a mill spell Advertisement. At that time due to the mill had forced all farmers from Staten and Hirschman still grind their flour to 1832. Not until 1848 were the miller owner free, without being subject to a penalty mill. Friedrich Walls from Neural acquired the mill in 1883, who then took his son Constantine roll and was then operated by the Sisters rolling. The sisters Marie and Clare roll have operated the mill until 2001, as a reward together sawmill. In August 2001 died in the 85-year-old Marie rolling. Thereafter, the operation nine years younger Clara roll the mill until 2009 on alone to preserve the heritage of their parents. Directly in the advertisement is the 1862-built mills chapel. In a listed chapel there is a ceiling painting of Father Tutilo from Beuron.
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