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Fitness and health are the important reason for many people to have taken to regular exercising. A strict discipline of eating proper food, nourished diet with regular, timely meals having the correct amount of carbohydrates, mineral and vitamins, protiens is essential. Afterburn fitness brings professional exercise training to you while also providing authentic fitness tests with nutritional advice. People come to know from friends and other sources of the necessity to maintain health yet seldom do they find the most effective way to achieve goals of health, fitness, endurance and muscle toning. Giving up on a specific lifestyle to include better routines spaced for exercise and fitness, is not easy. At Afterburnfitness we provide a good number of workout programs that are included with effective professional tips for equipment training exercise, nutrition tips and other relevant suggestions.


Individual have elaborate personal fitness goals. Some opt for the strength training, muscle toning, aerobics and others need a better diet control for a lean body. Regular exercises at Afterburnfitness include cardiovascular exercises, scientific based fitness training using strength equipment, stretching and many others. Using simple tips and exercise advice from professional trainers an individual can effectively derive better results in fitness for themselves. Maintaining a healthy nutritious diet can lead to personal goals being met for a fit body and overall health.


Memberships to the Gyms maintained by Afterburnfitness is of two types – one is individual gym membership starting at $149 and the family gym memberships from $ 544 for upto six people. The fitness programs include a number of new features : -


Fitness test and consultations

Custom fitness programs

Nutritional plans

Youth agility program for children between 8-13 years


An energetic lifestyle is the aim of many individuals. Effective gym classes, routine diets and tips from experts allows them to achieve this at a faster rate than other gyms or fitness organizations. Fitness for life is the motto at Afterburnfitness. Building your body strength, endurance , stamina and a leaner structure is the objective of most of the members. Taking one step at a time and waiting for the right results is important instead of giving up on the fitness routine by getting demotivated. Individuals who follow the guidance of the fitness trainers gain better health that lasts a lifetime. All individuals who are members of the Afterburn fitness club are motivated to pursue their lifestyle in a better way. Afterburn fitness has its gym at Valencia, California. It has been providing fitness and exercise workouts to individuals along with a number of other included health services as well.

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