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What are the different types of plate ice plant?

A plate ice plant, which includes the icemaker, serves to produce and store ice by using highly advanced refrigeration machinery as well as equipment that is specially designed to harvest and store it. The type of ice that ice plants produce largely determine how they are classified hence the block ice, rapid block, tube, plate ice , slice and flake ice plants. 
Block ice plants, which are labor intensive in nature owing to their constant need for attention, require the selection of the temperature of the brine since this is key to giving a 24-hour period that is necessary for production before the emptying and refilling of cans takes place. These ice plants, which also require the immersion of metal cans in a tank that contains refrigerated sodium chloride brine, are no longer commonly used because they do not only have a heavy load that is too much for the building structures but they also require too much floor space.
Rapid block ice plants, which do not require a lot of space for their icemakers, have the ability to reduce the freezing time for blocks significantly by simply reducing the thickness of ice. Although these plate ice plants require slightly larger space, they their labor requirement is much less as compared to that of block ice plants and hence they have the ability to release their blocks by defrosting and harvesting them without the need for mechanical means. 

Flake ice blocks on the other hand require varying refrigerant temperature, scraper or drum speeds since the process of spraying water on the surface is responsible for them formation of numerous sheets of ice. Want more information about commercial or industrial ice makers? Visit AGICO website:
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