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has become a huge disappointment after this 4-4 for Germany, was a failure, and Germany teams unique leading edge throwing 4 balls for the last 30 minutes Germany team cheap wholesale nike shoes blow up makes it hard to explain. ”

The Frankfurt reported after the game, "Sweden humiliated, Germany gave the fans a great mystery," commented on the game under the title, article: "Germany's performance in the 60 minutes before the game enough to write textbooks, but after that serious decline in attention

Germany team was Sweden team even after the 4 ball, equalized the score. Would have been a wonderful competition has become the Germany football history the heavy burden of 30 minutes, Germany did not pull away and Sweden teams distances. ”

"Egg pain" than Baltra, Barcelona. Because injured in Baltra, Fountas Peake and Jordi Pujol has hit in the body, a move the case, Barcelona now has no one to play the authentic Zhongwei. Defense paibingbuzhen to make ends meet after the plight of

Barcelona coach had to accept the reality of Barcelona need to introduce Zhongwei. Spain confidential network coverage than Nova no longer insisted on the introduction of Zhongwei's idea, he already submitted to the high-level requirements of the January introduction of Zhongwei. In case of Peake injured and Jordi Pujol, although he

Brains, tried to fill vacancies after Defense, but did not find a suitable solution in the end. Javier Alejandro Mascherano, song is less adapted to Zhongwei where Adriano is the latest test, but Brazil human performance in Zhongwei where questions were raised.

In this case, Barcelona Fountas also leased out, Baltra is now hurt.

Faced with such a difficult situation, than Nova in addition to change her mind, calls for clubs cheap nike shoes wholesale outside Zhongwei, there is no other way to resolve. He called Bassa high during the winter transfer market to introduce a authentic Zhongwei, to fill a vacancy left by Jordi Pujol and Peake were injured. It is learnt that

, Zubizarreta, Nova has been with the Club Technical Director Exchange on relevant issues, he wants to make the latter realize, Barcelona January introduction of the Zhongwei strengthened the team's defence line was very necessary. Barcelona fill vacancy in the rear test kept failing, introduction

A guaranteed authentic Zhongwei must choose.

Savilla said he has not found a new Word to describe Messi, it's very normal, in fact, we talked about Messi is feeling some fatigue, said Massey had scored him on how efficient, how much did he break the record, gives people common sense

Sleep. However, each game, Messi will also give people something fresh, Chile wanted control of Lionel Messi, but was eventually unable to control. It is worth mentioning that, for Chile achieved after scoring, Massey had for the Argentina national team for the 31 goals, only behind Maradona 2 ball (

Argentina nation and the United States, such as ESPN Media count the number Maradona scored 33 goals, statistics also said that 34 balls), Crespo 4 balls, he nike shoes wholesale could soon become Argentina national team's second shooter in the history, as it is currently scoring efficiency, Messi surpass batty 56 balls

Nor was unable to complete the task.
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