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known liberal arts professional is more than any other school, the bigger the surface of choice in the selection and liberal arts candidates 2011 Sacs Tod's. The Avision senior high school year a total of six classes, more students choose science, is divided into the two liberal arts classes of four science classes. Xiaoyu and Qin Lulu chose the liberal arts, they have to stay in the three classes of the third year of high teacher and even the location is also no change in those selected science students had to bid farewell and classmates, starting today, officially set foot on a college entrance examination long road. Three classes of the third year of high teacher after the reorganization, in addition to the handful of boys, almost all girls should be sensitive in the Qin Lulu persuasion to stay in the liberal arts classes, in fact, her science is slightly better in some However, the science of the competition is too intense, more suitable for girls or read the liberal arts. Qin Lulu mood these days, the grandmother's body has been recovered from the hospital to move out?, But that well-meaning people have been also found, and the elderly was very sorry. What a waste of time! This guy or school every day go out into the Internet cafe run, the first Qin Lulu curious, secretly with the inside of these machines in the Xiaoyu behind open, want to see him in the end what they are doing.


Sure, as Qin Lulu, expected, this guy is skilled to open the video playback page, choose a film, read it with great film Qin Lulu also read that once fired a hot full-length TV series Prison Break]. I heard this TV series is divided into several quarters, compact plot, exciting, Qin Lulu only three or four sets, although I think that is nice, but wasted time, do not read, preparation for college entrance examination is completed, look in comfort a full set. Unexpectedly, this lump of dead wood, but he is not the college entrance examination seriously children, so a set of a set looked http://www.todssuisse.com/ Chaussures Tods. Qin Lulu sometimes find it strange that this the ROCKETS usually in the school did not see how he hard to go home and spent a lot of part-time Internet TV, how Examination so good results? Could it be, he is a Martian? Qin Lulu cranky, the classroom door opened, and teacher teacher and English teacher Li hastily came in from the outside. Students, and just received notice of the principal, the leadership of the City Board of Education tomorrow to come to my school to listen to the English class, students are first English textbooks come up with?, Li later will give the students a brief introduction to class content questions and classroom arrangements. " High teachers face a trace of anxiety, the leadership of the Department of Education as early as not to late to come, why this time, and high grade placement just completed, the entire class in the run-in period, this time on the open class, is it blew weaknesses fzxlmine? Li is also a great sense of urgency, the leadership of the City Board of Education lectures, this is a big deal, do not know how will turn to the the Avision secondary school the ordinary secondary schools, if the performance is good, then might have to focus on secondary teaching If performance is not good, this life can only be bored in the ordinary schools. Fortunately, the English class on behalf of Wang Tao, the squad leader should be sensitive and learning members of Qin Lulu still in class, English speaking ability of these three should be good, and their three represents the students to answer questions, coupled with prior rehearsal, it should not be What Carbon leakage (Xiaoyu class generally do not take the initiative to speak, coupled with his childhood place to transfer student, so even though his English good results, but the speaking ability has been Li initiative ignored.)


I want to Tao Li, the enthusiasm of other students should be fully mobilized, at least answer the questions they want to take the initiative to raise their hands, even if it is not, also holding hands, active atmosphere is good, of course, he will not knows better than to point them to answer questions.Qin Lulu secretly glanced at the next Xiaoyu to see he is Leafing reading a thick Oxford English Dictionary, could not help greatly strange, this guy does not take back the textbooks on English words, to see what the dictionary Chaussures Tods? Teacher Lee opened the textbook to class tomorrow, carefully arranged down, where will ask what the problem is, how should I answer, who own make answer, where will arrange for the situational dialogues, what, etc. and so on. This is the Chinese education system, leading to a crash course, all arranged like mode seems kind of leadership was gone, she still in Chinese, English lesson. You say why? Save chant. It was not a 'brief' introduction? Lee teachers talk a full 40 minutes as long as the school bell has rung a long time, she was still taken the trouble to take care of the arrangements that even the Qin Lulu do not understand, this is usually always a languid look of an old maid how suddenly became more positive attitude? "Well, I talk so much, so other students can go, Lulu Qin, Wang Tao, should be sensitive you three stay, we practice situational dialogues."

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