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Light ..... http://www.todsfranch.com/ soldes tods. White light ... Road, a white beam of light like lightning across the front, playing in a shiny black wall, the beam seems to tangible general, impact the moment of the curtain wall, issued the 'rumble' loud noise, and then turned into a little bit of very fine invisible dissipated . That black curtain did not know what material made, although the mighty white oncoming force, but the curtain was motionless, standing as ever.


White although the repeated failures, but not discouraged, consistently hit the black curtain, do not know how much time, after hundreds of millions of times after impact, and finally the breakdown of a very fine holes in the curtain wall at the center of a small bunch of very faint white light through the past. He woke up. Opened his eyes and looked around, this is a silent grove leaves off the floor, as if covered with a thick layer of carpet, and the occasional golden sunset afterglow came through from leaf to leaf, on the carpet printed on a mottled spot. He sat on the soft leaves on the back leaning against the one-sized coarse trees, do not know how long this position, and head, who are already covered a lot of leaves, almost want to bury him up. A caterpillar out from the leaves covered with his head down, right on the bare skin of his hand on the cold, creamy feel he made a sudden surprise, completely sober him. He is a young man, maybe he is a boy is more appropriate to the age of about 16 or 17, "Ah ....chaussures tods.."slender, the eyes of God, the nose aquiline, Chunhongchibai, looks handsome, but the figure is a bit too thin, pale some, like some of the malnutrition. His eyes are very bright, like the two black stones set in the face, as if has a special magic, people to see trapped. Him with both hands, pulled out the body of fallen leaves from the ground up, the body of a dark blue sportswear wear horrendous, full of holes, at the foot of the sports shoes worn almost to the foot, it seems no less walking . "Who am I? This is where?" Nice baritone issued from the throat of the thirsty, it is difficult to imagine such a nice sound from the thin boy mouth, but the tone of the voice is slightly stiff, but not coherent, like a very long time no speak like. These two issues is clearly not a normal person be able to ask the boy's brow Wei Zhou, patting the head, and shook, the boy's frowned tighter, no doubt, before he woke up. the memories have all been lost. "Warning Warning fzxlmine! Thirst for 99.9% Ten minutes later, the value of life reduced by 1% per minute!" A pleasant female voice sounded in my mind at the same time, a burst of hungry feeling overwhelming like a hit. The boy refused to think about other problems, immediate action, a decrease of 1% per minute value of life, that is, if he can not find food within 110 minutes, then he will be starved to death. The boy's eyes looked search, to find from the food, in this grove, things can fill their stomachs it is too small, with great difficulty found in a large tree roots several similar mushrooms the same thing, just about to plug into the mouth, but that sweet female voice informed toxic, and can not eat. Ten minutes will soon be over, the boy nothing, his health began to decline, which made the boy more anxious, and involuntarily began to run up, but more so the more remote the chance to find food. An hour later, the boy unknowingly ran out of the grove, came on an asphalt road, this time the sun had set, but the day has not been all black, from time to time on the road vehicles to pass through, may be located in the suburbs here. between vehicles, mostly tractors, small trucks, agricultural vehicles. Check the value of life, only 35%, the boy suddenly felt dizzy footsteps impractical, the whole body of the effort in the slightest loss from the body, let alone run, even walk and walk, staggered a few steps, at the foot of a brick of a trip, the boys are drawn down, roll roll, just Siyangbacha down in the middle of the road.


A truck coming from a distance, harsh sound from the brakes, the truck is extremely thrilling before from the boys body is almost a cm Kankan stopped. "Lennon lives do not matter?!! To commit suicide do not find I!" A rugged man's voice sounded from the cab door open, one wearing a T-shirt shorts, dark-skinned middle-aged man jumped down from the car. At the same time, at the co-pilot of the other side, jumped out to a 16 or 17 young girls, girl with an oval face, dusky look appearance, facial features, and some resemblance of the middle-aged men, but face Ministry of the lines but a lot of soft. A time when the early summer, the girl's dress is very cool, upper body, wearing a white short-sleeved T-shirt, pants are a light green shorts, a pair of Nike sneakers, plump and strong thighs exposed body filled with the breath of youth . "Dad! You go to look at, there is no pressure to" the girl's face was full of anxiety, high forehead faintly emerge out of a fine layer of sweat, it seems spooked. The mouth of the middle-aged man Scolding people have already come to the boy's side, leaned over the boy propped He leaned his arms, and check the status of the boy. "Eat ... eat ......" boy car has not been pressure to be middle-aged men pinch a few people, who have yo woke up, her lips murmuring 'eat'. "Hey, this kid is hungry halo, assuming you go to find what food did not Tods Femmes Ballerines?" Middle-aged men sigh dramatically, since there is no pressure to heart it touches down. The girl immediately ran back to the cab, pulls out at noon to eat half a bag of bread left over, looked at the remaining seven or eight like carrying loaded plastic bags of bread hastily ran back. Squatted next to the middle-aged man, the girl took out a piece of bread, torn in half, and sent to the boy's mouth. Bread, you eat, each taking 100 grams reduce the degree of hunger by 10 percent within five minutes, a sustained recovery 5% value of life. "Brain of the female voice sounded again. Boys seem to smell the aroma of the food, opened his eyes, opened her mouth biting a big mouth bread in your mouth after a few did not chew on abruptly swallowing down. Girl came close to being a boy bitten fingers, was surprised at the same time see the boy awkward to eat with another Puchi a laugh out loud, whispered, "Eat slowly, bread, some did not, and you rob."

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