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Hydro Expand LED has direct the LED Expand Light Market for many years, with high-end efficiency that no other manufacturer continues to be in a position to match. Their four years of ongoing analysis and development are what can make their business and solutions so impressive, and why so many in their opponents How to grow taller beagiant wait around eagerly to copy off their progress.

Previous 1W products from the Hydro Expand LED Expand Lights ended up place as a result of numerous unbiased, side-by-side develop tests in opposition to HID Expand Lights (HPS and MH). In every single and each take a look at the effects ended up the exact same: the Penetrator LED Expand Lights developed a minimum of 2x the grams for each watt of HID, all of the way as much as two.5x (as shown during the video towards the suitable)! No other LED Expand Light has ever been in a position to duplicate these success, but these success pale compared to just what the New Generation-X LED Expand Lights are effective at! To find out what I mean, check out the video underneath!

Hard to think just isn't it? At 106W the 126X-Prototype outshines the 126W Professional at 206W! I uncover it incredible that Hydro How to grow taller Expand continues to be in a position to squeeze so much excess efficiency outside of their LED Expand Lights while using the ingenious addition from the X-Lens. Hydro Expand states their manufacturing products might be even stronger than their prototypes, and they're expanding their whole LED Expand Light merchandise line to incorporate the X-Lens on all products!

But what on earth is the X-Lens? The X-Lens is often a specialty light-amplifying optic Hydro Expand produced to maximize the protection spot and intensity in their current 21-LED Light Engine layout. Every X-Lens is often a solitary bit of PMMA optics grade acrylic, like those people utilized in conventional eyeglasses. The X-Lens characteristics 21 independently shaped lenses to deal with every single from the LED's in Hydro Grow's Light Engine. It really is definitely an engineering marvel!

The Hydro Expand Penetrator and Penetrator Professional LED Expand Lights ended up currently quite possibly the most rigorous LED Expand Lights in existence. Their eye-piercing 60 degree lens presented 3x the output of 90 degree lenses at 48" absent, and their 3W-Single Chip LED's would be the optimum output during the industry. Though the new X-Lens from Hydro Expand can make even their dominant Penetrator Sequence appear like a Christmas tree Light.

The data doesn't lie, and with regards to data there's not just one LED Expand Light business during the earth that gives much more of it than Hydro Expand LED. The 126X-PRO prototype LED Expand Light has twice the core lights spot at twice the intensity from the 126W-PRO, while each models eat the precise identical number of electricity! The truth is the brand new 126X-PRO is so impressive that its micromole output at 12" exceeds that from the sunshine! And all of that is from the LED Expand Light consuming just 206W of electricity! But how do these incredible new prototypes stack up in opposition How to grow taller to the Mighty HPS?

As mentioned a instant in the past, Hydro Expand provides much more data on their own LED Expand Lights than some other business during the earth. The truth is, this is the only graph exhibiting the real micromole output of the 400W HPS, or any HPS mild that I've ever noticed! The HPS utilized to the comparison was comprised of the 400W Lumatek Digital Ballast around the Super Lumens placing, a Hortilux Super HPS EN bulb, in addition to a Sunshine Methods Yield Learn II Air Cooled Hood. In whole the HPS program eaten between 466-477W of electricity, and was tested in excess of a 36" x 36" testing grid.

Amazingly the brand new 126X-PRO prototype from Hydro Expand destroys the 400W HPS! The truth is the output in the 126X-PRO prototype is sort of double that of the 400W HPS, with virtually similar protection! The 126X-PRO prototype also retains much more intensity in excess of length, which means you could develop taller crops and possess more substantial fruits all of the way down! And all of this from only 206W of electricity usage. Never ever just before incorporates a business demonstrated via raw data, that their LED Expand Lights truly trump the mighty HPS! Hydro Expand LED will be the very first! What's even better LED Expand Lights under no circumstances have to have bulb changes, work numerous levels cooler, and help you save you about 60% with your electricity invoice!

The manufacturing products from the new Extreme LED Expand Lights from Hydro Expand are currently available on Pre-Order only, while using the estimated market place date of August fifteenth, 2011.

The new casings seem incredible, as does the brand new single-piece X-Lens. The casings feature upgraded heatsinks, upgraded and ultra-quiet cooling admirers, and Hydro Grow's new Power-Link Process which allows you to connect a number of panels together in series. The Gen-X lights may also be modular, which is a primary to the LED Expand Light industry, as every single personal mild engine can be replaced independently from the others. This permits for a lot quicker guarantee repairs, less down time, in addition to a merchandise that is 100% upgradeable as technology improvements. The whole new Generation-X LED Expand Light lineup from Hydro Expand is really in a very course of its have.

In point Hydro Expand is so self-assured during the efficiency in their new Generation-X Sequence that they are now presenting to the very first time a 90-Day Possibility Absolutely free Demo on just about every product! So if you should consider the most up-to-date in LED Expand Light technology, now you've got no cause never to! If for any cause you happen to be less than amazed with their Excessive LED Expand Lights you could just return them for just a total refund! They've definitely taken absent all of the reasons never to consider a LED Expand Light. For the people of you who've been looking forward to this technology to come to total time period, I'm here to tell you that the new Generation-X LED Expand Lights have finally finished it!

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