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What happens if I have too little andro?


In childhood, boys with too little androstenedione may disrupt the developmentof the sexual characteristics related to puberty ranging from the growth of pubic and body hair to the growth of the testes and penis as well as things like the deepening of the voice and muscle development.


Later in life, teenagers and/or adult men can suffer from low sex drive, depression, weight gain and a host of other negative results that would be similar to having to little testosterone.


What is Androstenedione why does it matter for men?


Androstenedione is hormone in the steroidal family. Androstenedione exerts androgenic and anabolic effects in the body and acts as a stepping stone in the manufacture of testosterone and estrogen within the body.


Androstenedione is most accurately a prohormone because though it has limited effects itself independently, after conversion in the body to testosterone, it exerts many powerful effects in the body including the coveted increase in libido and sexual performance and gaining muscle mass.


As an aside, females release Androstenedione into their bloodstream from their ovaries as well as the cortex of their adrenal glands.Once in the blood it is converted to provide around half the testosterone woman need and nearly all of the oestrone, a form of estrogen, critical for women.


In men, large amounts of Androstenedione are produced in the testes though little isactually secreted from the testes into the bloodstream. Instead, the testes rapidly convert the Androstenedione into to testosterone on site. Like women, the males adrenal glands also produce Androstenedione, but is small in amount compared to the volume that the testes produce.  


Alternative names for androstenedione


Andro; 4-Androstenedione. 17 ketotestosterone; 4-androsten-3,17-dione.


How is androstenedione controlled in the body? 


The way the body controls androstenedioneis very complex. Because it is secreted from a number of different glands in the body and it’s often rapid conversion to other hormones it can be hard to follow its path. We do know that the hypothalamus and the pituitary gland are important in the production and control of androstenedione in the testes, ovaries and adrenal cortex.



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