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Angels in movies


Why do we make movies with angels:

Most people think, that movies where angels are acting is very exciting. I think that it`s because, many people think "heaven, God and angles" is a bit to much to consider from time to time, but when it`s in a movie it`s much easier to handel. An other reason is that a movie with for example an angel, "connects" us to spiritual.


The movie Michael

The movie Michael, from 1996. Is a movie about an angel who is sent to Earth, to find broken hearts and help them. The movie is made by Nora Ephron. The Archangel Michael is playning by John Travolta.


Funny fact:

The Archangel Michael is one of the only angels who is described in the Bible. He is in the "Daniel book", because the Prophet Daniel sees an Angel, The Archangel Michael. In the Bible is Michael protector of Israels. He is also the angel for war and protector of the sky.  



The city of angels

The movie The city of angels is made in 1998. It is directed by Brad Silberling. The to of the actors is Nicolas Cage and Meg Ryann. The movie is a remake of the German movie Wings of Desire.

The movie is about a angel named Seth. He is on earth to help and guide the people who are dying to there next life. One day as Seth, are helping an old man on the hospital he sees Maggie. Maggie is working on the hospital and Seth decides that he whant to meet her. After meeting her, she present one of her friends to Seth. The friend Nathaniel Messinger (Dennis Franz) has been angel before but he had given it op. He discovers that Seth is an angel and explains to him that if he whant, he can give the angel op and become a human. Seth decides to become a human, because his love to Maggie is so big.

He jumps from a skyscraper and becomes a human. He go`s to Maggie and describes the love he has to her. They have a lovely nigth ánd in the morning Maggie rides her bike to get some food and she is so happy that she decides to ride whitout hands, but in the exact same second a truck hits her. She becomes an angel and Seth is back on earth miserable and lonely.


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