Angels Instead Of Devils - Resumés of real history´s about angels

Saved by my double

Saved by my double is a story about a girl who has a double. The girl Weenie promised her mother that she never will go to a melon patch alone. But one day as her mother was busy doing some work at home, Weenie decides that she will go to the patch alone. When she gets to the patch she goes to a tree to pick some melons, but suddenly she discovers that there is a man behind her. He wants to pay for a melon, but Weenie will not take the money. She tries to get him to go to her father, but in the same moment she realize that he was on his way to exposing himself. He begins to walk too her, but a little voice break the silence by yelling “run Weenie, run!“ it was her double. Weenie runs home in safety before something happen. Weenie doesn’t see her double until 10 years later as she was at the hospital with her mother. When Weenie return to her apartment and turn the light on, her double is sitting on the bed. Weenie gets very scared and is just staring at the other her. Then suddenly the double was gone. She never saw her again.

Something Pushed Me

It is about a woman who had lost one mortgage and therefore need another, she earned just enough to pay for living expenses, taxes, monthly house payments and she was also sole support of herself and her teenage daughter. She gets a personal check from a friend on  2,500 $ and went down to the bank to deposit the money. After a long time she was the first in the line. She should have a new account, and then something pushed her very hard that she almost lost her balance. She ran out of the bank and everybody looked strange at her, but she didn’t care what people were thinking about her. She directly went down to the loan company and endorsed the money. A week or so later there was big headlines about the president of the bank who had shot himself; it was the bank she got pushed in. The bank never reopened again.


Heavenly Escort


The story is about a tuberculosis patient on a sanatorium. He got a a horrible, cold clammy feeling he got pressed down and couldn't breathe. He rang the bell, after a long time waiting the nurse came. The nurse explained why it took so long it was because a Mexican girl in room 283 just passed away. He felt that he was permitted to witness her "heavenly escort" on her journey home.

                            Angels in the school library

The story is about a school librarian from Miami, Florida. One afternoon when he was at work, he discovered that a boy called Narcisso from second great, had been run over by the school bus, he vas lying on the ground, whit a group of people crowded around, the librarian could hear a women  cried that he was dead. He turned from the window, devastated. Suddenly the library was filled with light and two ghostlike beings, they stood behind the other students in the library, he knew that they were guardian angels and they had come to take care of all the boys and girls. After a while the mystical  place disappeared  and everything was back to normal. Later he heard that Narcisso had not died, but he had broken both his legs. And from that day on the Liberian believed that everyone have an angel or guide to help us through live.

-       Carolyn Dignan, Delray beach, Florida

                                                September 1996


Made by Lua Anna and Dennis 

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