Angels Instead Of Devils - The Angelic Hierarchy


There are nine orders of angels.


- The seraphim

Seraphim is also called Uriel. Uriel loves music and sings all the time. Seraphim brings the divine to the other angels.



- The cherubim

It means "full of knowledge" and it's Jophiel. The Karma is very high on their lists. The most important mission is to see if the laws are obeyed of the humans. 


- The thrones

They are the peacemakers and deliver harmony to all bad situations. They
can bridge gaps between the visible and invisible worlds bringing spiritual perfection and divinity to the universe.


- The dominos

The most important of the dominos is Zadkiel. They are referred as "flashing swords." To of the things they are responsible for is, ensuring of the universal laws and looking after the junior angels.


- The virtues

Hanael is the leder of the virtues. He is also known as "the brilliant ones". They have many duties, one of them is to give courage and compassion to humans. Beside being known as "the brilliant ones" the virtues are known as, the bestowers (they create miracles), they also make sure of the nature.


- The powers

The leder of the powers is Raphael. The powers is sometimes known as the "lightning awords". They are helping the weak and unprotected, the ones who can't take care of themselves. They are also looking after that the humans don't overthrow the universal laws.


- The principalities 

The principalities is also called "the worldly guides". They have to make a good example for the lesser angels. They have a very good human instinct and they are excellent to understand us. If you are lost in finding for example a road, they will help you find it. 


- The archangels

There are seven archangels.

  • Michael
  • Uriel
  • Gabriel
  • Raphael
  • Hanael
  • Zadkiel
  • Raguel

Those angels all have an importen role in different religion and countries. (You can read more about some of them in "Angels in religion".) They help humans to understand life and values. The archangels are very indulgent to humankind and they don't see themselves better than us. They all have a guardianship role for every one.


- Hell's angels

Hell's angels are the "fallen angels". In the Bible are hell's angels sent to the underworld to mix with devils and demons.


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