Advertising on over 60.000 websites

Freewebsite has an average of 400.000 page views and 50.000 unique visits per month on all websites. You have the opportunity to advertise on these
Send information to or call (+45) 25 33 88 90 to inquire about the possibilities.

Banner advertising on websites

Freewebsite sells banner ads based on CPM (cost per mille). In other words, the price of 1.000 page views. The banner advertising with us, you get ads on over 60.000 websites and all 400.000 page views. No rotation - Your ad will be a regular part of the website for one month



1 month

3 months

Fixed prices



Introductory offer*



*Prices are excl. VAT and is based on 400.000 page views. If you wish for a banner rotation with a different advertiser, it is possible to arrange.

Ad placement

The ads are placed vertically on the right side of our sites.

Example of advertising with Free website, advertisement placed visibly on the right side of over 50.000 websites    Example of advertising with Free website, advertisement placed visibly on the right side of over 50.000 websites


The ad’s width can be 160px or 180px. The ad’s height must not exceed 600px. These sizes match those of most modern vertical ads.

The target group

Freewebsite’s users cover a wide audience. This means that the many visits and page views come from a wide range of people with different interests and needs. Most will be aged between 30 - 50 years.

Cheap advertising in newsletters

Would you like to advertise in our newsletters, please feel free to do so. Freewebsite currently have over 60.000 recipients. Contact us to find out more about advertising options and prices.


You have the chance to get a discount at a major advertising with Freewebsite. Contact us to learn more about opportunities for great deals.


Simon Jensen
Mobile: (+45) 25 33 88 90

NOTE: There must be taken into account fluctuations in the number of page views. We cannot guarantee what number of page views end in. In the unlikely fall below 350.000, it is deducted in the price.



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