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How To Fuck A Women

How To Fuck

If you want to know How To Fuck and make girls have sex or mate with you, you need to read about this and follow this. Here you can learn about the different types of women and the questions that turn her on to get her to fuck you and make you get laid.

Seduce a woman by first treating her with tenderness and respect. Listen to what she has to say with enthusiasm. Maintain eye contact and tell her that you love her eyes, lips, or hair. Once you’ve established trust, build sexual tension by whispering sensual things into her ear. Slowly kiss her lips or neck while holding her tight.

You can seduce a woman into having sex with you by appearing confident and showering her with compliments.

Listen attentively to what she has to say and make eye contact; eye contact can be the most important way of letting a woman know that you're interested in her. Establish trust and make her feel safe and secure. Build sexual tension by playing her favorite music and tell her how much you want her.

Don't move too quickly, and remember that most women really enjoy romance, try to make every date unique and special. A candle light dinner can be great for setting a mood.

Of course if you want to learn How To Fuck , you must know about the different types of women

How To Fuck The 8 Types of Women

There are 8 types of women and there are different strategies for each. An approach, technique, strategy on a woman may not work on another.

Women come from different backgrounds and environment and you must factor those out. A woman that is maybe raised into a religious oriented family may be not be sexually driven and liberated as a girl who comes in a family with a different background.

A girl may be occupied with her career and not focus on relationships. What kind of approach would you think would work on her? If you exactly know how you can make her fall for you then you would have a hell of an absolute chance into making that chick want you and fuck you.

Knowing which among the 8 type of women she is definitely is a great advantage because you can already know the exact steps and techniques in order to make her want you and have sex with you.

You would no longer need to rely on trial and error but what you would do is to tell her the exact things that she wants to hear from a guys who can seduce her and sweep her off her feet.

How to Fuck Girls with These 3 questions that turn her on

In order to get any girl to fuck you and to know which of the 8 types of women she is you must know the 3 questions that turn her on. These questions will determine her personality type so that you could figure out how to attract her.

Knowing these female loopholes is definitely a no brainer when you want to fuck girls. This is a definite advantage over other guys who try to compete with girls. You no longer have to fight over a girl but you just need to ask her the 3 questions that turn her on in order for you to know which of the 8 types of women she is so that you could know exactly how to attract, seduce, date, and get laid with any woman that you want.
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