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Nowadays mobile market is full of new apps And just 20% of mobile developers make their apps profitable and get money to start their business Even more - 60% of developers can't even return the money they've spent on the app creation That’s why if you don’t want to end up with one more non-profit app you should think about app marketing beforehand. To get your app noticed in the market today great design and idea are not enogh - you need professional marketing That's why marketing apps is necessary fot your success and profit
What factors are necessary for profit?
Check out htese three things if you want o make new app successful
1. App Pre-launch
A) Targeted Audience. Before launching an app you need to analyse who is it made for Analyse who is your main audience and what for do they need your app After analysis you can start marketing
B) App Name App name also determnes its success on the market Take into accont htt your app name will create the first impression So, don't hesitate to make it stand out After audience analysis to think of a cthcy name is much easier Now, be sure that your app wouldn't get lost among othes
C) Nowchoose the Proper category. Choosing app category is not so easy task as it can seem, so be careful Of course you category has to do something with your app. But also you should pay attention to competition and popularity. It's better to make a final decision about category depending on your budget
2. Application Launch
After all the preparation is done you are nearly ready to launch your app
A) Application Icon. When choosing app people see app anem and icon only, so they need to be perfect Your icon must make your app stand out form others You can even order icon deisgn to be sure that you app icon looks porfessional and attractive and helps in your apps marketing
B) Screenshots Screenshots will be used on your app's page and they will be a key factor for users decision to download your app If the screenshots are catchy, more people will download your app. It becomes even more crucial, if your app is paid a user makes decision whether to buy your app.
C) App Description Try to make your description catchy and attract attention to main app pros Your app description together with screenshots will determine the conversion rate. In case your app is avaliable in many languages, don;t make use of autotranslation It makes it hard to read and understand and will certainly low your conversion. Find a professional translator - it would pay out very soon.
3. Post Launch
So, your app is live on the store now, what next? The App release is a key point - now you need to start promoting new app immidiately So, you need some buzz now, and here are main steps to promote your new app
A) Apllication Press release. As many people as possible should know about your new app. Press release's advantage is that its useful not just for this app, but also for you as app developer
B) Application Reviews. The more popular review sites will write about your app - the better for you. Try to contact journalist writing about aps - you need reviews on popular sites
C) Application Landing Page. App webite can be used as link to your app in press releases and is exteremely helful for app promotion

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