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             Secret Pony Level - Humorous Experience In Diablo 3 

The day Blizzard announced the next installment of Diablo 2, the Diablo 3, I cannot aid but be enthusiastic of it. Yes, Diablo 3 took several years for it to be finally released, having said that, that long time had never affected my excitement. This is because I'm a large fanboy of Diablo games. I usually take pride in the Assassin I have, especially when I nuke down my opponents. Having a powerful character in the game is not a simple thing. Yes, you may complete the game easily within one day, but it's more impressive to have a character with good gears. This is the reason why during in Diablo 2, I always frequent the secret cow level. The reason for this is that cow level has the highest drop rate for good gears and also gems and runes. When I got my hand on Diablo 3, the first thing that came into my mind is how to create a strong character. Of course, I expected the Diablo 3 experience to be different from Diablo 2.

 Whenever I play Diablo 3, I always think of cow level Diablo 3 is also probable in the game. Based on my friend, Diablo 3 cow level is also included in the game. I became interested about what he said, especially since I wish my character to become stronger. Surprisingly, Diablo 3's secret level isn't called cow level. It's Diablo 3 pony level not cow level: Diablo 3 staff. Yes, it actually was absolutely hilarious to kill mooing cows, nevertheless, pony level is even much more hilarious because I needed to take down cute teddy bears and ponies and also see rainbows and bright colors in the level. I wondered a lot as to why such type of secret level made by Diablo 3 admins. Do they hate cute ponies? I admit, secret pony level is hilarious, nevertheless, it is still the identical as the cow level.

 Even if they look cute, these monsters are in a position to drop good gears. Nearly every time I kill a monster, one of those items could be rare. Each and every time I go to the secret level and leave it, it became an opportunity for me to have more gold for my character. This was made possible as a consequence of the Diablo 3 staff of herding. Adding to that, I can increase the challenge and probabilities of getting better items by upgrading the staff. Overall, Diablo 3 came up with a good idea in relation to their secret level. It is still far from the monstrosities that one should face all throughout the game. Although, it is different, the level still has the identical amount of gore all throughout the levels of the game. I never realized that it is fun to kill ponies! 
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