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Nike said the lawsuit in Manhattan Cheap MLB Jerseys federal court yesterday to between Reebok International and the National Football League, signed a franchise agreement will expire on March 31, this company is trying to illegal use of Thibodaux in March 21 from the Denver Broncos (Denver Broncos) to move to the New York Jets sold in the transactions associated with shirts and other apparel. Nike claims that the company with Thibaud name the right to Cheap NHL Jerseys use the Nike instead of Reebok International.

Nike, Reebok International sale of goods and Thibaud in the lawsuit asked the court to prohibit, in addition to asking for unspecified amount of Wholesale NCAA Jerseys compensation. Alleged that Nike, Reebok International is using unfair means to win the original sales of Nike, the five-year period between the company and the National Football League franchise contract is about to take effect on April 1.

Nike's allegations, said: "The sale of the first batch and Thibaud New Wholesale NCAA Jerseys York Jets apparel is a unique and fleeting opportunity. For consumers, this week purchased from Reebok International unauthorized Thibault related NFL sweatshirt or T-shirts later, they can not purchase authorized Thibault related NFL sweatshirt or T-shirts from Nike will be next week. "Thibault, 24 years old and last year served as the Denver Broncos starting quarterback, and led the team to the playoffs, was selected as the most popular professional athletes in ESPN this year's survey.

Adidas spokesman Jan Runau yet to be reached for comment, spokesman for the Football League, Joanna - Hunter, Joanna Hunter, said in The coalition is currently no comment. George - Atallah, George Atallah, a spokesman for the NFL Players Association and Thibault's agent, Jimmy - Sikeston (Jimmy Sexton) were also not comment.

Nike pointed out that in the proceedings in the Football League last season, Thibault sweatshirt is the second best-selling products in the all the players of the Alliance, the public of Thibaud popularity suddenly jump up high response Cheap Cheap NHL Jerseys MLB Jerseys has been referred to as "fanatical Thibaud disease "(Tebow mania). Nike said Thibault, a representative of Reebok International issued a notice, saying that unauthorized use of the name of Thibaud, and demanded that the company will Thibaud clothing from the store shelves.

Nike said the company will introduce new uniforms for all 32 NFL teams in an event on April 3.

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