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Florida Police Search for Man Who Held Real Estate Agents at Gunpoint Video

Transcript for Florida Police Search for Man Who Held Real Estate Agents at Gunpoint

the search for man who held two real estate agents at gun point in Florida. Police have released new video. One of the victims is speaking out. Steve osunsami joins us with the latest. Good morning, Steve. Reporter: Good morning to you, George. This realtor says she didn't have time to react at all. She had just walked into the home with this crook trying to sell it to him when he pulled out a gun. This morning, Florida police are searching for this man. A person of interest seen in a Walmart security video. I was showing homes and someone just robbed me. Reporter: That's the frightened voice of one of them calling for help. She says, sorry about this. I turn and look at him and there's a gun pointed botanique at bartley forum between my eyes. Reporter: Telling thus morning she's afraid to show her face. That he put her in handcuffs and then put on his gloves. My first thought was, I'm going to die. My second thought was, is he going to hurt me? Reporter: He then called her husband, demanding $50,000. Her husband said no. He just really couldn't wrap his head around the whole situation that I wasn't going to bow to his demands. And he just picked the wrong person. Reporter: Two realtors showing homes were attacked about an hour apart by a while man driving an SUV seen in this home security video pretending he was a buyer. Police are hoping someone recognizes his voice. I'm calling about a property Yo have listed. Reporter: Message he left for one of the agents. I will never meet people I haven't met in person at a proerpty. Reporter: People are worried he might strike again. They're encouraging realtors to meet with unfamiliar clients at their offices first.


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