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Astaxanthin originally comes from a microalgae called Haematococcus pluvialis. The reason you can find it in many animals, especially in marine animals is because they eat this plant and then digest it, thereby getting more astaxanthin in their bodies.


Benefits Of Astaxanthin - The best source for this impressive carotenoid are marine plants, salmon, shrimp, trout and other seafoods. You do not need a lot to take advantage of the health benefits of astaxanthin, but most people are not getting enough, which is where the problem is.


More remarkably, medical trials suggest that using astaxanthin can enhance the overall condition and health of your skin. In a double-blind study, 16 women suffering from dried skin, around 40 years of age, were given either a placebo or a mix of 2mg of astaxanthin and 40 mg of tocotrienol. After just 2 weeks, the group who utilized the astaxanthin showed a range of improvements in their skin's condition, most notably less wrinkles, improved moisture and elasticity, a simpler surface, and less under-eye darkness and flabbiness


Astaxanthin - Despite the fact that astaxanthin is a relative newcomer to the health and nutrition market the early indications suggest this algae based super-antioxidant could become the superstar of the supplement world. Initial studies indicate that it is particularly supportive in those functions where deterioration causes most hardship as we get older - namely our mind, our eyesight and our personal appearance. More research will be required to verify the full potential of Astaxanthin.

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