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Inferiority complex

Inferiority complex is a complex term that describes a number of states insecurity, inferiority to other people, unable to deal with certain people or situations. For this reason, those affected seem to have problems to overcome problems in life and try to protect themselves avoiding situations that cause them discomfort. For example, to keep intact the already fragile self-esteem, avoid tasks that they received for settlement and avoid manage, invoking external fault. Inferiority complex causes people feeling that, in some measure, are inferior to others. This complex is related to physical appearance, personality or temperament, intelligence, backgrounds, social status, financial situation, etc.. Sometimes complexes are justified, sometimes imaginary. Because often affects the lives of those concerned, we can say that it is a self-sabotage of mind.
Those affected are struggling with this long inferiority complex, even a lifetime. The effects of this disease can be identified in many aspects of their social and professional life, and personal. For example, those who are overweight face an inferiority complex and would like to be weak. The converse is also equally valid. Appearance of the body is seen as a problem and an obstacle in carrying out daily. Thought that, if he had the perfect body, would look with different eyes, I always grind and self-esteem decreases. Causes of inferiority complex Discouraging underlying inferiority complex appearance. This deterrent is always concerned for some reason that those affected invokes it usually looks about who feel poor: race, traits inherited from parents, personality, sexual orientation, family background, physical appearance, social status and so on When the individual is faced with a certain situation, task or obstacle that are not able to overcome, inferiority complex will emerge. Inferiority complex is not about objective reality, but rather with how it is perceived and processed by apartamente de vanzare bucuresti individuals. Occurs when the minds of those affected dramatizes even seriously distort defect, thus gaining falsely gargantuan proportions. How do you overcome inferiority complex? Overcome inferiority complexes you work intensively with psyche. Basically, to gain confidence in themselves and their capabilities need to be convinced that defects will hit not in reality so obvious as you think. In addition, we are all inferior to others in some ways, but also other nine. We must not ignore the fact that the presence of certain defects not equivalent to the total absence of qualities. Also, We all have imperfections and shortcomings, large or small, we are trying to some extent to correct them or compensate them with other qualities. When inferiority complex affects the lives of those concerned, therapy remains the best solution.
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