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  • The Dynamics Of the Game World And Combat Mechanics Guild Wars 2

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However, if an MMO is very difficult to make big enough changes that the project could be something significant for the development of the genre. Will Guild Wars 2 you can qualify for this exceptional category? Probably not yet, but I doubt this title will change a lot of standards and approach to model the whole game in massive online games.

The world that is created for the game, built on the diagram is obviously fantasy, but the principles which are governed, are very similar to those in reality. Close enough to be able to talk about a revolution.
Imagine a group task in which we put out the burning house. If this took place in a typical MMO, is home or not at all would not smoke,and GW 2 GOLD if you and somehow would be able to put it out, it immediately after completing the task rozpaliby again to serve another player. All of this has already become accustomed, and yet it probably would have done differently. A symbolic approach, which works in MMOs, no longer stops today. The problem is that no one has yet figured out how to change it. But it seems that the ArenaNet developers propose some interesting solutions.

Well, the whole world games will be constructed on the basis of links between sites and repetition of certain situations. For example, some village can be regularly attacked, and as a result of these attacks will appear difficulties in its functioning. While the level of these difficulties is to be dependent on what support was provided in the defense of the players. If the heroes to help repel an attack on the granary is said fire can not explode, if another group of players will save the water supply, the villagers will have no problems in the near future with irrigation fields. Such links can be very much. The game world, although based on repetitive patterns, it is to dynamically adjust the tasks that get in the game, will often depend on previous actions of other characters.
Suppose, however, that a fire broke out. In fact, people grab their buckets and hurry to help. In a typical MMO otherwise. First you must find the chief fireman (team leader) and ask to join our group. Only then we must join in the task, but it is sometimes so powerful that i still have to start from the beginning, when a fire breaks out again. As a rule, shortly after extinguished.
In Guild Wars 2 is meant to be implemented differently. If we see a crisis situation, we can immediately into action, and no matter whether it is a share firefighting, bandits attack, or feeding livestock. Just that we complete certain tasks, and the game itself we will qualify to the group,and then reward depending on how partycypowalimy in the task.

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