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Chen Xiaoxin, plus finished a full day class, dragging a tired body to fight a taxi and went into her in a general working people in this city are gathered in the villages of the place, because here the rent was cheap, so those of migrant workers like to rent an apartment here. Chen Xiaoxin from the cab, under, holding just one hundred dollars to paying the money to the macyjfing taxi driver to find the 16 remaining three dollars placed on the palm of your hand, looked up and I looked at that in the ninth floor of a small house could not help but lament thought after to save money to rent another place, at least there is the elevator can take the house go. Was barely able to lift a pair of legs, difficult Taiqiyanpi gazing at those six the number written on the corridor in her footsteps whither that ladder moving when that originally illuminated lights suddenly flashes a few times, just Sibu Si Chen Xiaoxin eyes a flower, but still kick Caikong instant, the whole body since then has gone several dozen of the ladder rolled down. Ah .... "cry cry pierced the night sky that exudes Meiqi buildings came, followed by a hard object hit the ground Charging soon. Chen Xiaoxin just fell off the feeling seems to have a surge of hot liquid flow from the top of his head on his forehead on his forehead, until the time she wanted to continue the induction, a dark flock came to her, the next thing she would have no perception of the Until Chen Xiaoxin slowly regained consciousness, she felt their bodies like what to dragging at this time Chen Xiaoxin think is certain is that some people see fell down the stairs called the ambulance. "Ah, it really hurts you Can mildly, I am but there are patient injury in the body." Chen Xiaoxin eyes closed discontent took their own people get there knock touch the pain of her grimace in pain. The sound is not good protested. But after a long, Chen Xiaoxin regardless of their own protest against the number of times, is still blunt dragging, she finally realized that there are some wrong, she slowly opened the eyes of that sour, when Paul Smith Wallets those who come into her eyes. the eyes and around the scene, Chen Xiaoxin scared at first larger, wait until she has a sense of time, before twisting his hands and legs. When she wriggled and found that they are not lying on that lift the patient's frame bed, but to be this tall man with a few disheveled pretty down to earth like a carry kill the pigs generally carried four people, two The people who brought us two foot carrying. "Hey, you want to why Kuaifang Kai me." Chen Xiaoxin mind an answer is falling down, he was wandering Khan carried away, In fact, if Chen Xiaoxin look carefully you will find actually that four individuals long is the appearance of a stray Khan, but they wear those Queshi Bi stray Khan is not as good as. Four carried a tall man carrying the woman to let has been called the face lift is not kept on walking, Paul Smith Outlet probably go for a moment, the four finally stopped. "Bang", Chen Xiaoxin originally hurt the body of the fast fall apart again be merciless to the four fiercely thrown on the ground, both sides of the buttocks fiercely kissed and the earth. "Cries, you kill people, I'm a woman, this way you treat this into a beautiful woman?" In fact say this, Chen Xiaoxin said lack of confidence when it comes to flower The Siyu words, she knew that at most, even if the upper is a dog's tail flower rather have. "Grunt grunt." Shortly after Chen Xiaoxin complain in front of her rang rang in a language he had never heard of. Chen Xiaoxin listening to for a moment feeling his head, again just a pain in the closed eyes to slowly open eyes open, wait until the thing that catches her eyes and the house, her mouth in shock, almost plug into an egg so big.
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