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We believe that contemporary beauty ideals have great influence on people's everyday lives. Almost everything you see in the media has something to do with ideals and fashionable to do. Our culture has made it important to be beautiful, and so is beauty also been an important topic in Denmark. More and more people have changed their appearance or style because they think they have a need to be more "real" - So be like those they see on TV, in magazines and elsewhere. It's just unbelievable so many "self-help books" - and programs available to people who think there is an answer-list for the perfect man. 

Danish fachion industry has achieved significant, results in the latest years, and exports of clothing is larger than ever before. In 2005, quantified the danish textile and clothing fachion industry's exports 17.2 billion DKK. It does not include values of the danish fachion that is produced and sold abroad without ever crossing the borders of denmark. 

Denmarks 3 biggest fachion companies:



Bestsellers A/S is an famely owned fachion companie with more than 13.000 employees. Turnover 2005: 967 mio euro.

BTX-Group was in 2005 established in conection that the fachion companie brantex A/S was bouht by kapital fond. Turnover 2005: 3.37 mia DKK.

IC Companys A/S was established in 2001, Turnover 2005: 2.8 mia DKK 

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