The Beauty Ideal - Beauty Ideals in South Africa

Many South Africans think that they're beautyfull as they are and they do not need to change anything. In South Africa they have just as many images of beauty as any other country. But in South Africa the images of beauty are diverse and reflect a wide variety of beauty ideals. They accept each others images of beauty and that's why the South Africans are able think at themselves as beautyfull.



A Giraffewoman is a woman who gradually crane her neck and got her shoulders lowered. This happens by she get more and more rings around her neck.

In The Urban Legends is the Giraffewoman described as a totally oppressed girl. She goes with the rings because of social things and gender roles. And she get more and more rings around her neck. If her husband suspect her at infidelity, he remove the rings and her neck broken. This custom is now extinct.

In Africa had some tribes this tradition, that the chieftain's wifes was wearing rings around their necks from they were 13 years old. And then the chieftain got more wifes, the old wifes got more rings. So the oldest wife got most rings. This custom is still existing in the South African tribe Ndebele. Now there're still some tribal-womans, who go with so many heavy jewelrys, that it affect theirs necks lenght.



Who gets to set the standards?

Caster Semenya from Africa kinder looks like-a man. But what does a man look-a like? She have big arms, is obvious she has a beard, big mouth, big nose and very short hair. Can a woman look like that?

- Sure she can!

But do you have to be pretty to be famous? Caster Semenya won a big race in 2009 in Africa. She was good at running at that’s why she won. She wouldn’t win more if she looked like a girl.

Some people wanted to take a gender test on her

- she actually had one, but the world don’t now the answer. And they never will. Generally we don't see her as a "real" women. It's time for everyone to apologize to Semenya.

She was born as a woman, she was raised as a woma, she identifies as a woman.  She should run as a woman. The hole world were disrespectful to Semenya. She didn’t really care, cause she won the race, and that were all that matted to her.






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