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The Beauty Ideal: Unveiling Harmful Effects of Media Exposure to Children

Written by Aimee Nicole Hoffmann        

The media has a big influence at children and young people. Children and young people want to look like the pictures that the media use of a perfect body. The commercial in TV are crowded with pictures of the perfect body ideals. But people don't think about that the pictures are manipulated so the model get a perfect body. They're not natural. Without we know it, we are getting manipulated of the beauty ideal the whole time. The beauty ideal is all over. Actresses and models compose only 5% of the female population, and they weigh 23% less than the average female. In fact, by medical standard, most models are anorexic. But females look up to the actresses and models, and they get a wrong picture of the body ideal and that's unhealthy. A Los Angeles-based retouching lab even admitted, that they retouch every photograph of any girl over the age of fourteen. Also cosmetic surgery is another extreme measure that young woman use, to achieve the unrealistic beauty ideal. 3,5% of all cosmetic procedures in 2001 were performed om people aged 18 or younger. 10% of people with eating desorders are male. Experts believe that the number of boys affected is increasing. They think that many cases are not reportet due to male reluctancy to acknowledge an illness that is primarily associated with females. To protect children  from the media's beauty ideals, some people have started to teach children about it. They tell children about the media's effect. The children have to find their own character and not listen to the media.    


The Spiral Thought

Written by Theresa L. Ford

This is about a girl that really are hungering for somebody to really love her, but must of all she really could use some confidence. She is talking about how much she hates herself and that she is non loveable, and that she is nearly good enough to deserve any love at all. Despite that she love others so much that it hurts, and want the very best for them. She don't think that the self help books are wrong because she proves her self wrong every time she tell her self that she is loveable and ok''. Her friends tell her that she is fine and loveable but she wont listen. She also has a hard time with the relationships. She has alot of failures, and now she is alone again and its in the silence she hates her self the most.


UNIT 2 - against all odds - "How i beat bulimia"

Sophie was 15 years old, and she had always been quite happy with her body. She started getting bulimia, because of her boyfriend telling her that she could do with losing a few pounds. It was becomming a habit. It was only getting worse and she started losing a lot of weight. Losing weight had become the only thing that mattered to her.

"My throat was sore from where my fingernails were constantly ripping at the skin and my eyes were red and puffy from the tears that streamed down my face every time I threw up."

Sophie was unhappy and she hated what she was doing to herself.

At last Sophie ran into her old friend, Emma. She told Emma, as the first, that she was bulimic for the past four years. After this episode Emma helped Sophie to get some help from a psychiatrist. Emma and the psychiatrist were a constant support to her. Sophie felt so much better when she talked honestly to someone about her illness, and she felt much more optimistic about the future.  






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