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Who i am

First of all. I decided to do this website because i realized that many people were looking for a possibility like this.

Since i moved to Berlin (5 years ago) i have been managing several flats (taking care of keys, reparations, cleaning etc). It was surprising how quick the word spread, how many people were interested in a caretaker of their flat, and quickly i went from managing 1 flat to several flats in  a very short time.

I am a danish girl (28 years old) living for 5 years in Berlin with my german husband.


Before i moved to Berlin i had many jobs next to my studies. I have worked in a restaurant, in an office as a secretary, as a cleaning lady in a hospital and a journalist.

I speak danish, french, english and good german. I have finished my studied in communications/journalism in Copenhagen and am now working in a gallery in Berlin. The gallery leaves me a lot of sparetime as the working hours vary a lot, and this is when i look out for the flats.

As i have already mentioned, i am taking care of several flats in Berlin.  Every flat is different and used for different purposes.

Some people just want me to clean in between the visits of the guests they rent out to. Others want me to help with internet installations or reparations when they are not there. Others want me to hold extra set of keys and introduce their guests to the apartment and hold a deposit for them, i could go on and on and on, but the point is that there are different needs in every apartment. Together we will find out how we solve your problem the best.


If you think i can help you, you can contact me in the guestbook on the website and i will return right back to you.





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