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Poker is good for you.

There has always been a debate of whether poker can be good for you or if it is a bad game. Trawling through the world wide web, you will find many debates on this subject, but in the end only you, yourself can judge whether Phil Ivey Poker is good for you.

If you started with basic poker concepts like understanding what 'blinds' and 'antes' mean, then you are well on your way to having a good poker game. But there is so much to learn still!

Another very important factor to consider is knowing your opponents. Get to know their history a bit, their playing style if you have the time to study them, or observe a game for a while before joining in. If that is at all possible. For example semi-bluffing will rarely work against players who always call, so it is good practice to not only consider the strategy of your cards, but how you will play them and by observing your opponent's habits, you may walk away with a big win.


If you are only playing for fun, then learning the basics of Ivey Poker is good for you. It will help with your memory, learning maths for example, and also challenge you to understand your opponents. Your strategy will improve over time as well. But, if you really want to become a professional player or enter big tournaments, then you need to up your game by studying successful poker players in the industry. Some of the World Series of Poker players have excellent strategies where you can learn how they communicate with their body, or body language so to speak, how they bluff, when to raise their cards or fold and when to bet, as playing poker is all about strategy and disciplining yourself and your mind to take measured steps and go towards a goal where you walk away with the winnings at the end of the night.

In simple terms poker is all about winning or winning the pot as some would call it. There are different rules for different games like Texas Hold'Em, Five-Card Draw Poker or even Seven-Card Stud which is a great game for improving your memory overall. There are also games where the highest and the lowest hand splits the pot, and this is known as Split Games. This can be confusing for some beginners, but with everything it comes down to understanding poker. This is where even studying professional Best Poker Player like Phil Ivey will come in handy. Of course this 5 World Series of Poker (WSOP) tournament winner plays a bit on the aggressive side, he does make use of some brilliant strategies that makes his overall networth in the excess of $13 million. Phil Ivey has even been hailed the 'Tiger Woods of Poker' and many professional poker players worldwide respect his playing style.

So if you are considering playing poker for more than just fun, why not study Phil Ivey and learn what it takes to be a great poker player. At the end of the day, poker is good for you.
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