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What do we know about Instrumental music? Instrumental music is defined as a type of music being played solely by any musical instruments alone and not accompanied with any song. It has been most often related to classical music for years. Instrumental music is mostly composed for relaxation, weddings, worship and expression of love. Instrumental music have also been written using different types of musical instruments such as violin, acoustic guitar, piano, saxophones and many other types of musical instruments simultaneously.
Furthermore, writing or composing a theme or title for an instrumental song or music may be based on the songwriter’s object of inspiration, type of music and the song-writer’s mood or emotion. Some types of Instrumental hip hop beats include classical, rock, theme songs, film music, jingles and mood music. Some songwriters say that composing an instrumental music is no different from composing a regular or “normal “song except that there are no lyrics just melodies.
Nowadays, people have shown great interest in the more conservative yet hip form of modern music as a form of expressing emotions through the highs and lows of each note in the song. Listening to Instrumental music may elicit different reactions from people depending on their interpretation to the melody of the song. People may feel relaxed but others may feel rage. How a song affects people is based on what they hear by listening to the message of the song with their heart and how the mind interprets what the heart feels by what they hear. The composer of the song has very little effect on how we react to the music but, the melody itself brings life and meaning to the people who listen to it. People nowadays are more intact with what they feel.
However, because of the more advanced technology using computers, most songs nowadays are recorded digitally so that we could access and download it easily from the internet to the more modern and compact players. Now, instrumental music can be downloaded in the MP3 format from various music download sites. Based on the, the best music download site is the on the Top Ten Best MP3 Websites. According to the music download site, the best instrumental song of 2013 in the UK is entitled Corazon, which was composed by Ed Henderson. While in the 2014 Grammy Awards, the Best Pop Instrumental Album was won by Herb Albert with his music album entitled Stepping Out, this is according to the website.
The interest for this type of music has really emerged and people have found ways to make it easier to get in touch with the world of entertainment evidenced by millions of downloads from the various websites catering different types and forms of entertainment. Technology has really blossomed through the years and our passion for this type of music is now accessible in a flick of a finger. Nowadays, it has been a form of entertainment not only for the old but, the young generation as well.

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