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Bitcoin has been said several times that is the currency of criminals, and this is true at least in part. From the drug trade to that of weapons, through the illegal drugs, it is known that Bitcoin (and other currencies digital) have found favor with unscrupulous businessmen. Even less attention, after all, have heard of Silk Road, a site that some have called "the Amazon of drugs" and on which you can buy anything in Bitcoin.
There is no denying this truth, but that does not mean that Bitcoin will serve merely to that. The owners of Bitcoin may in fact spend their digital assets in many other ways entirely legal , from design web hosting, from classes to online multiplayer games, music online archiving and streams. Besides auctions, video games in physical format, clothing the list of places where you can buy with their Bitcoin ( an example here ) is fairly long.
The mechanism of each purchase is the same. Vendor and customer will exchange its identity Bitcoin, namely the public key generated by the client, and creates the transaction. This will join the P2P Bitcoin in the first block available, and will then be confirmed by the network of connected nodes. At this point, the seller will complete all the bundling products and sending them, or crediting the user if it is an online service.Those who follow even just a little 'Tom's Hardware and other sites that specialize in technology will have noticed that the value of Bitcoin is far from stable . Generally we consider the exchange rate with the U.S. dollar, and only in the last few weeks it has gone from $ 50 to almost 250. Bitcoin value in dollars is theoretically influenced by the exchanges that take place all over the world . That is only from the market, which circulates it the same way as bonds, commodities and - in a sense - national currencies. This fact in itself would be enough to justify the instability, but you can go a bit 'deeper.
The first explanation is to be found in a lot of instability in scarcity. More than the total value of a currency system is small, and the bigger the fluctuations to which it is subjected, and buy bitcoins  there are few, very few people who own them, and few are ready to accept it as a payment instrument.If the total value is reduced, in fact, there are more chances that may come into play investors with capital large enough to affect the total, while if the market grows this type of oscillation is reduced. In the long run this "problem" should go to correct itself , then, as they enter new Bitcoin in circulation (with constant rate), and that their total value increases.
It remains to be seen whether 21 million Bitcoins will be sufficient to eliminate the variable of scarcity: the system is in fact programmed to stop reached that figure , and from that moment there will be only actual transactions, while the mining will continue to exist only by virtue rewards (transaction fees) that we do not treat today. If 21 million seems a small number, we must also consider that the fraction is equal to 0.00000001 Bitcoin, which increases considerably the possibilities.
An adjusted value only from the market for an asset like Bitcoin, then it is very likely also to changes in mood . Bitcoin does not have a utility value (do not use it to make cables, or power motors), but other than that it is no different from other goods, then follows the old and evergreen law of supply and demand, and this in turn follows the moods and interests of participants in the game.

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