You have the opportunity to use our system to send out newsletters. Here you can read a guide on how to use the system.

Find the newsletter module
In the top panel of your administration you will find a small envelope icon. Next to this it says ‘newsletter’. Click here to get the newsletter module’s front page.


Guide to our newsletter

On the newsletter front page you will find a list of items which each have their own icon.


We will go through this guide point by point.

  • Show mailinglist
  • Add recipient
  • Waiting signups
  • Send newsletter
  • Newsletters (archive)
  • Preferences


Show mailinglist

Clicking here opens an overlay. Here you will find information on all recipients of your newsletter.


You can see:

  • Name
  • E-mail
  • Note
    Hold your mouse over the note icon to see your note on the recipient.
  • Send e-mail
    Click the E-mail icon to send a mail to this person only.
  • Edit recipient
    Click the edit icon to edit their name, e-mail or note.
  • Delete recipient
    Click the delete icon to delete recipient permanently. You will be asked for confirmation. 

The mailing list is thus both an overview of your recipients, as well as the place where you manage them.


Add Recipients

When you click here you get an overlay with a form. You must fill in the “Name” “Email” and “Note” and press “Save”.

Add recipients

Next you will be sent to “Waiting signups” to approve the entries. It is a bit tricky when you have just added the person yourself, but that is because all the new recipients will land here, when they sign up themselves.

It is important that you are sure that they really want to receive your newsletter.
Spam mail is illegal many countries and it is against our terms and conditions. In the end of this guide you can read about what spam is.


Waiting signups

As mentioned before, this is where you should go to approve or reject registrations made ​​by yourself or visitors to your website. You can click on a check mark to approve or an X to reject/delete, you will be asked for confirmation. Select the action you want to perform.



Send newsletter

When you click here you will be sent to a mail editor. The mail editor can do the basic things that most other editors can. Freewebsite plans to come up with a more advanced mail editor.

Send newsletter mail editor

You can:

  • Click back to return to the main page without saving any changes
  • Click on:
    • Send: Sends the message, make sure you check it all and remember a good subject line.
    • Save draft: go back and save the draft of the mail you have written.
    • Cancel: Returns without saving.



Click on “To ..” to select the recipients of your newsletter.


Clicking here opens a small overlay where all your contacts appear in a list. You can search your contacts to select recipients or click “Select All” to send to all recipients on the list. Click “Close” on the top right to close the overlay and add email addresses.


Write an appropriate and catchy subject so the recipient will want to read your newsletter.

Writing newsletter

You can remove the text we have entered and write your own text.
You can change the font size set it to bold or italic. You can make lists and links, change text color and insert images.


When you are ready to send your newsletter you should check for misspellings. It is never fun to discover after it is sent out.
You should send test messages to yourself so you know what it will look like for your recipients.


Newsletters (archive)

Saved newsletters is a list of all the newsletters you have sent or saved as draft. It shows the subject of the mail, the date it was created and the date it is sent (if sent).
You can click on “Apply” to reuse the newsletter; it goes to E-mail the editor with the saved content. Or you can click the “x” to delete newsletter permanently. You will be asked to confirm.

Saved newsletters



The only setting you can make is, whether you want to display a page “newsletter” on your website where visitors can sign up for your newsletter. You have to check the box to display the page, and it should be unchecked if you do not want to show this page.



Spam mails – Avoid them!

I promised a brief explanation of what spam is, to help you avoid sending spam mail because it is illegal in many countries, and also against our terms and conditions. Your website will be deleted if you send spam mail.
Spam is electronic mail with a commercial message sent to people unsolicited. Spam is a free way to market products, therefore, spam has become more and more used.

In most countries spam is part of a clause that prohibits companies from taking unsolicited contact with anyone with a commercial intent. Therefore we recommend that you avoid spam mails.


This was a short review of the newsletter module. If you have questions or suggestions, please feel free to write to us, or post a comment below.