Learn About Freewebsite’s page types

You can read this article if you want an introduction to the basics of our current range of page types.


Drag and drop
See our drag and drop guide by clicking here.


You can upload as many photos you want and give them a title and description.
You can look forward to the new slideshow page which will be release during may 2013.


Standard gallery
This gallery is called standard gallery because you get a gallery with very basic functionality.

  • Images are displayed in thumbs on the gallery front page.
  • You can crop to choose which section to be displayed.
  • When an image is clicked the image is displayed in full size on its own page.
  • You can enter a title and a description for each image.
  • Visitors can post comments for this image.


Our current blog has the most basic functions that a blog should have, but it does not have all the features you could dream of. For this reason, we are also developing an advanced blog. This is what you get with the standard blog:

  •  blog post has a title, and you enter your blog post in an editor with basic typographic options. You can insert links and images. You can also write in HTML.
  • You can give a blog post tags, which are displayed in a tag cloud in your blog’s sidebar. The most commonly used tags will be highlighted in text size.
  • A blog post gets a date automatically 
  • Blog posts appear in short versions on the blog’s front page
  • When a blog post is displayed, you can add comments to it.
  • In the blog’s sidebar the most popular blog posts will appear, and an archive so you can see blog posts by month and year.

In the advanced blog you will see a lot more functionality.


Contact form

In the contact form the visitor enters their name, email address, subject and message. The visitor also fills out a captcha to avoid spam.

You can receive messages directly from the contact form page by clicking the button “Messages” right above the contact form.

You can also design the contact form by clicking the “Design” button, from here you can set the background color, text color and make settings for the border.


The diary has the same editing functionalities as the blog, but the diary entries are displayed at full size on the same page. They are displayed with the date, title and post content. Latest posts at the top. The diary has no sidebar as the blog.


Video Gallery
Here you can add your own videos, it can be link to a youtube video or a video you upload.
The videos are displayed on one long page, and under each video you can click to open comments on the video.


Lightbox gallery
You can upload as many images as you want.
The images appear as small thumbs on a page. You choose the small section yourself and you can add a title to the image.
When an image is clicked, it will open in a white overlay in full size. The images in the overlay can be displayed as a slideshow.


Picture book
This is a small flash book where you can upload pictures and write text. The visitor can then scroll through your book with the mouse by dragging and dropping pages.


Blank Page
This is a page where you can fill in content from our standard editor.


Music Gallery
The players are displayed on the same page. You upload a music file and then a new music player is displayed. You can set a title and description for each music file and design the music player by selecting its width and color.


This is an older graphic showing the countdown to a time you choose. You choose the time and then the clock counts down from now.
You can look forward to a variety of designs so you can choose how your countdown clock will look.


Iframe is the page type where you want to display content from another website.
You have to get permission to show their website on your site. Therefore you will often find the iframe code available, if it is permitted. You can also ask them for permission and write the iframe code yourself.


Picture page
Is as the name says  a page with pictures. It looks a lot like the video page since each photo has comments below it that you can show and hide. So the picture page is a nice page where you can scroll down to see a lot of images. You select this page when you want comments to your pictures and don’t want the standard gallery.


Simple forum
This is a very simple forum. You can create subjects that the visitor can comment on. You can write in the comment box with our editor, where you can insert as well text as links and images.


Our calendar has the following functionalities:

  • An event overview on the front which can be displayed as either monthly summary or list
  • Event display shows the mini month and list of upcoming events
  • When creating events, you can do it with our editor and add both text, links and images.


Our page types give you the foundation for creating an exciting website. Especially we encourage you to use the standard page type, the drag and drop page, this will provide you many of the options that our other page types offers, especially in the Pro version that will be available shortly.

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