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Professional Websites

Freewebsite offers Pro Business to anyone who needs a professional site. If you order a professional website with us, you will get a package of good things and many benefits. See here:

check-small Easy and fast administration and customization of content
check-small Optional domain and free hosting
check-small Adwords coupon of DKK 600 + 4 weeks of initial help from Google
check-small Unique design targeted your audience
check-small Search Engine Optimization that works

Do you need a professional website?

Then please contact us for a chat about your needs. Then we will definitely find the right solution.

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Price includes VAT and is paid 1 year in advance.

Signup fee 172 dollars
34 dollars/month.


About our professional CMS websites

Our service is based on a CMS system that is simple and very user-friendly, used by thousands of users.
Your professional CMS website will be easy to administrate and have a nice design and a serious expression.
A CMS website will be a good choice for all businesses and associations in need of a functioning site that can do most.

A solution you will be pleased with

Freewebsite is a company that offers webpages to all audiences. It can be anything from private, to companies or associations.
The important thing for us is to meet your needs and deliver a solution that you will be pleased with. We have good experience in offering professional websites in good quality but at low prices.

You get a lot for your money if you purchase your professional website with us. That we attach great importance to. At the same time it is easy for you to subsequently adjust the page content and manage it yourself.