We will take a look at our SEO Pro module which gives you better opportunities to rank well in search engines.

Search engine optimization, abbreviated SEO, is a term that covers the action you perform, to improve your rankings in the search results.

Read more about our SEO Pro feature and the importance of search engine optimization in this article.


Get extra visibility in search engines

Everyone who owns a website wants to be visible in search results. If you have the same needs, you can make an effort to improve your rankings. This article will first focus on SEO Pro module and also in other areas where you can make an effort.

One of the most important aspects of search engine optimization (SEO) is to provide unique and descriptive page titles on your website. It is quite natural, for who can expect to rank on the phrase “Beautiful Jewelry” if the page title is “Aunt Meg’s beautiful design work.”

In this case there is more focused on keywords like “design work” and “Aunt Meg”. An important point is that the title should describe the content BUT also contain the keywords you want to rank on.

Our SEO Pro feature gives you the possibility of this and it is in short a prerequisite to rank the relevant search phrases.

Search engine optimization is crucial to your rankings on Google and, without action on the field; you cannot expect to receive visitors from there. SEO involves everything from the page titles, the h-tags, link building and more.

We will in a later article, give you good input on how you can make an effort in this area.


What opportunities does SEO Pro give you?

SEO Pro module gives you the possibility of making the following, on all your pages:

  • Page Titles
  • Meta description
  • Meta keywords

Example of the SEO Pro module.

As you can see from the picture, all the fields limited to a certain number of characters, so they comply with search engine standards. All you have to do is select the given page, fill in the fields below and press “Save”. It’s easy and straightforward.


Good tips and advice

In the introduction I promised tips and advice that you can use to increase your visibility online and especially in search engines.

First of all, I refer to our article with 10 great marketing tips, which is a good place to start.

Next, I recommend you to integrate social media with your website. You can do this by adding the site to your Google plus profile, set up a Facebook page, or link to the website from your Facebook profile.

There are many methods, but social cues are positive for your visibility and waiting for you to get your website visible / indexed in search engines, it can typically speed up the process.