We recommend that you take time to work with your website design. It determines how your visitors see you, and it sells your content before you start reading.
It is also crucial to place pictures and text in a nice way (layout). For this purpose, the Drag and Drop page type is the perfect choice.

Freewebsite allows you to select a standard design and make settings for the banner and background of the website. These three elements; banner, background and content, constitute the design of the site. We have written a little about each of them, which you might find useful when you make your own website.



Layout is the term used for the placement of elements such as text and images on a page, and the way they look, fx. colored headings or borders around a text box. When you work with your layout, you should consider the following tips:

  • Make the page as readable as possible. You might want to do this by placing columns of text and images with distance to each other. It gives a clear and easy page.
  • A method to create a dynamic layout is to use large visual effects, but only one on each page. Make the most important element on the page very large – for example an image, graphic or text. If you make one element very large, you must control the size of other elements to get the right visual effect.
  • The rule of thirds, divide the page into 3.
    A more comfortable composition of a page is possible if the arrangement of text and graphics / images are placed according to one of the following guidelines:

1. The key elements distributed evenly within vertical or horizontal thirds
2. The key elements are placed in the upper or lower third of the page
3. Divide the page into thirds horizontally and vertically, and place the key elements where the lines cross.


Selection of the basic design

When choosing your basic design, you should look through the small previews and test several designs until you find something that matches your needs.

There are both wide and narrow designs. You can choose a wide design if you want more space on the pages. Most computers have a resolution that is high enough to make both broad and narrow designs appear neat, so the choice depends on your taste.


Selecting banner

You can select a banner from our collection or you can upload your own banner.
Our banner collection has categories that you can click through until you find the right banner. If we do not have the right banner, you always have the option to upload your own banner image.

A banner image can be an eye catcher. Here are some thoughts and considerations you should make:

  • If you want harmony on all pages where the website’s expression stands out above the page content, be sure to have a strong banner image.
  • If you want to focus on your content, you can focus on the layout and choose a simple banner image without strong colors.
  • Use a logo if you have one. Often it looks best on the left side of the banner, but you can assess that in relation to your content. If you do not have a logo, then you should consider getting one.
  • Make sure your banner image is in balance with itself, so it can carry the website, also on the pages where the content is not particularly exciting.
  • If you have many images on your site, your banner image (and background image) should be neutral and not take too much attention from your photos.


Choosing a background

The background must make your page come together, so that the content (your layout) looks strong. Your banner image should bring life on the page. Therefore, the background should be simple enough not to take the focus off the main purpose, but powerful enough to create a harmony between the three elements: banner, background and content.

We have tried to make it entertaining to work with your site at Freewebsite, and we hope you get good results from your work.

It is a good idea to read more of our blog posts, particularly in the category ‘tips’ to get more out of your Freewebsite page.


Have fun with your design.