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Is Household Testing of Blood Sugar Levels Really Trustworthy?

To achieve superior blood sugar control, you should periodically examine your blood glucose levels to determine how you happen to be doing. Generally each and every form two diabetic is encouraged to take blood glucose readings at dwelling at intervals ranging from when a week to a number of instances per day, especially when altering diet program or medication. The medical doctor who treats your diabetes need to recommend a blood glucose blood test labs schedule for you and ask to view your benefits every time you go to him.

Tens of millions of diabetics invest tens of billions of dollars just about every year for pricey test strips and glucometers.


But is home testing or self testing of blood glucose levels actually trusted? A 2008 test by the US Centers for Disease Handle (CDC) suggests that glucometers are superior for telling you no matter whether your blood sugar levels are going up or down, but not incredibly trusted for determining absolute blood sugar values.

Scientists at the CDC tested five generally utilized glucometers: MediSense Precision Xtra, Ascencia Dex, Prestige Smart Technique, OneTouch Ultra, and Accu-Chek Benefit. The scientists discovered that in case you had been to complete a blood test and then attempt one more test a few seconds later, the blood sugar levels would not differ a whole lot. In their studies, readings varied three to 11% together with the very same blood sample. Click here

Distinct glucometers, however, give incredibly diverse readings of your similar blood sample, with values differing by as considerably as 32%. Additionally, the greater your blood sugars, the far more most likely the glucometer will be to disagree with lab values. Glucometers are genuinely trustworthy only for measuring blood sugars beneath 100 mg/dL (five.five mmol/L).

Property glucose testing will not be great, but could be the greatest technique diabetics have for keeping track of blood sugar levels. Diabetics should really make sure you wash their hands just before taking a reading. It really is also valuable to take a blood sugar reading at property prior to getting your blood tested at your doctor's workplace, so you'll be able to compare glucometer readings together with the values that come back from the lab. The true blood glucose level is practically always higher than the blood glucose level you get at residence.

Meters that may give you an precise reading in your blood glucose with out you possessing to prick your finger are in the development stage... they are not yet out there. No-stick glucose meters will probably be highly-priced once they first appear out there, but as with the existing testing meters, the rates will drop.

Blood glucose meters typically perform effectively for any extended time, nonetheless, because they are mechanical devices, handful of function perfectly.

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