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Bookboon is the biggest publisher of eBooks and offers some really useful files for free of cost. Travel guide, Text books, dictionaries and other important stuff that usually require high amount to spent if you real wish to own it. It is the collection of eBooks that such vast number of users prefers Bookboon for their needs of downloading free eBooks.

  • Completely Free

The word free does not mean that something is completely free especially when you are using internet to download contents, but that certainly is not the case with Bookboon. There is no hidden charge as far as downloading free eBooks are concerned.

  • Find Your eBooks in Double Quick Time

It is often seen that while websites claim to offer wide range of free eBooks, when it comes to searching the same people find it thoroughly difficult. Making useful eBooks free is not the only requirement as users should not have difficulty in finding their stuff. Search portal on Bookboon and categories make it quite easier to find the eBooks that you are looking for in no time. There are several search tools that you can use to find the files that you have been looking for.

  • Universally Compatible eBooks

Yet another reason why one prefers reading eBooks from Bookboon is the type of file format. One of the most common problems that people come across during downloading and using eBooks is incompatibility. EBooks available on various websites are in such format that does not support all eReaders that turns out to be a huge problem. Assume you have finally found you favorite eBook but in the end it is not supported through your eReader, all your hard work will waste. To avoid such situation, Bookboon has included all PDF files so that not only PCs and notebooks but even PDF readers of modern mobile device are capable of reading from the files.

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