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Flower Therapy Isn't Aroma Therapy

'Flower therapy isn't Aroma therapy', says Dr. Atul Shah, founder of the Healin' Temple, hence clearing the misconception of the two becoming confused with each other. Dr. Shah, an M.D. in Allopathy as well as a Radiologist from Bombay University can also be a Flower therapy consultant medical doctor at the Healin' Temple, situated in Khar, Mumbai (India).

So then, what specifically is Therapy?

Imbalances like fear, shock, lack of self-confidence and so forth. may cause physical ailments in human beings. Certain flowers have the energy to remedy these character traits and heal our physique. Flower therapy makes use of the power of those flowers to our advantage.

Flower therapy is fundamentally a Bio-energy remedy originally discovered by Dr. Bach of England. His method (known as Bach flower therapy) was to pluck the flowers and location them inside a bowl of water. This could be exposed to sunlight to get a couple of hours and then the flowers would be removed in the water with out becoming crushed. This water, referred to as the mother essence could be additional diluted into the stock essence and ready to be used as a remedy for various ailments. Given that the flowers were not crushed, only the energy of the flowers (not the chemical substance) was transferred into the water.

Dr. Bach had then discovered 38 flowers suitable for treating numerous ailments but now you will find around 200 India flower applications itself.

Aromatherapy, also a type of option medicine uses important oils derived from flowers, plants, bark and so on. to treat medical situations.

Extraction of aroma oils is generally done by steam distillation, solvent extraction and cold pressing strategies. Aroma oils work well in cases of stress, anxiety, depression, healing of wounds etc. They're successful in mood relaxation and therefore aptly utilized in body massages and for preparing fragrances. Inhalation of particular important oils has therapeutic rewards and its topical application assists in skin situations like eczema. Some examples of crucial oils are tea tree, lemon grass, chamomile, lavender and so on.

You will find around 90 various types of essential oils at present.

Does the procedure followed to prepare Flower therapy medication harm nature in any manner?

There's a false impression that Flower therapy could be causing an ecological imbalance as the flowers are cut off from the branch to prepare medicine. In today's age specialists like Dr. Shah don't separate the flowers from the stem. As an alternative, they use a special device through which spring water is poured above the flower and is collected in the base of the apparatus. Therefore the power in the flower is transferred in to the base substance (water) without plucking or harming plant life, making it an eco-friendly process.

Also, given that the flower is attached for the plant, residing energy is transferred; consequently the medicine heal quicker and are more effective around the patient.

What would be the benefits of following Flower therapy?

The advantages of treating with Flower therapy are that it features a holistic strategy and doesn't heal a certain, single difficulty from the patient.

It is complementary to any other therapy like Allopathy, Ayurveda, Homoeopathy, Acupuncture etc. Flower therapy, even though deemed as an alternative from of medication, can also be solely followed on its personal for numerous ailments without indulging into allopathic medication at all.

This can be a pretty secure remedy, with no recognized unwanted effects. Indian flower treatments generally perform nicely for illnesses like arthritis, headaches, backaches, sinusitis, migraines, digestive disturbances, hormonal imbalances and so forth., to name a few.

Surprisingly, it can even remedy addictions like drinking and smoking because it works on a psychological level to curb such cravings.

Also, if alternative medicines like Ayurvedic remedies (which claim to become harmless) usually are not prepared authentically, by the original strategies, they're most likely to result in heavy metal toxicity which may result in illnesses like renal failure and heart difficulty.

Within the year 2000, Mrs. Sandhya Mehta, resident of Mumbai (India) who was allergic to sun rays visited Dr. Atul Shah's clinic. She had taken traditional remedy for 1 ½ yrs. with no positive final results. A biopsy revealed that she was at a pre-stage of skin cancer. six months of Flower therapy cured her entirely and gave her back her typical life.

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