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Peet’s Coffee & Tea Redwood City The wireless Internet did not work for me (and yes I know how to use a comptuer, I'm all good with clearing my cache and going to the Network Connections). Anyway, the kind hearted staff was insistent on helping me (which is fine but I was leapyears ahead of them in terms of technical skills LOL). Anyway, after letting them pretend to troubleshoot my issue I decided to just forgo my internet experience and enjoy my Raspberry Mocha Latte (it was pretty good actually).

Anyway, my enjoyment of my beverage was again interrupted by a young mother who walked in with what looked like a toddler around 1 yr old. The baby was screaming and yelling and all she could do was shake her baby and yell "shut up you annoying stupid thing". I wanted to do something but I didn't know what?!?! What troubled me even more was the fact that there was a COP right Peet’s Coffee & Tea Redwood City in the cafe and he completely ignored this child abuse/public disruption. Ah well..

Internet-less and with a painful headache, I couldn't enjoy my coffee and decided to just leave this venue.

Final thoughts: I might give it 1 more try and call this and "off day"

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