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Presenting ideas is a skill. Mastering this skill is essential for leaders committed to moving their people toward greatness.
In a recent Fortune interview, Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf explains, ?Early on in my career at the company, I was terrified of public speaking. My boss picked up on this and said, ?You?ve got to fix this. If you can?t, that?s a career dis-abler.? So I joined Toastmasters, a nonprofit organization that works with members to improve speech skills.
?During my first meeting, I set the club record for the number of ?uhs? and ?ums? I said in a two-minute speech?but I learned to speak.?
The more we improve our communication skills, the better leader we become.
Here are three helpful secrets to help you become a more effective communicator:
Tell a Compelling Story
Think about your favorite story: What about it drew you in? What about it captured your attention? How did it make you feel?
Our brains love stories. Stories evoke emotions. Emotions are how we connect to what?s meaningful for us. We learn through stories.
We identify with the characters in stories and experience what they experience. Your words can paint pictures in your employees? minds. With vivid storytelling, you can help bring those pictures to life.

Use less complex data and statistics; use more stories, symbols, and metaphors.
If you need a little help thinking in terms of storytelling, take a look at how Steve Jobs sold big ideas to the world.
Be Succinct
Shakespeare said it best: ?Brevity is the soul of wit.?
Some of the world's best speakers used very few words to communicate powerful messages.
When putting your speeches together, don?t be afraid to trim the fat. Rigorous editing challenges you to clarify your ideas to the point where they have the greatest chance of penetrating the minds of your audience.

The more relaxed and centered you are when you speak, the more your audience will relax. Your audience will be more engaged in your presentation when you enter a more natural and spontaneous state.
Even veteran stage performers get nervous before the big show. And that?s okay.
The key to relaxing is connecting with your breath.  Take a few moments before you enter the room, and bring your attention to your breath.

Take a few slow, steady, deep breaths. Allow any tensions you?re holding to release and sink down with each breath.

Now it is your turn to go ?WOW? your audience.
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That is why Citibank stores are individually prepared, depending on the demographic characteristics of different regions combined
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The history of management: all known theories and schools of management belong to the 20th century before it detailed and specifically about the Organization and management theory has shaped the last century was actually the official  with today's standards was very  the most models were military and religious organizations.

Video Marketing 

You might say that television advertising, especially when such a program showbiz is very expensive and it is not possible for you, but do not worry this is just an example, your digital world RDS million people online at the moment and you'll be like watching an online competition, Internet this lets you cheaply and more accurately target the same audience and by the audience and even more, to be seen!

When you have a new product, you should know that this product show and introduce consumers. You may see a short description of the product manager. You can provide a list of its features or anything about it now, but there is no guarantee that customers or consumers to read all these explanations. Here comes the video. All this will do video and incentive to all your customers and your audience about your product to watch.

Video Marketing (Video Marketing) is one of the subsets of content Marketing strategy. Your video Marketing content related to your brand, your products that people are not interested in it. This allows you to people you know and trust. In general, people usually use a lot more video to be released video such as a virus. Video is more effective than text search in the discussion, videos, most popular and most searched. Most news organizations like UTERS and BLOOMBERG on video doing a great investment. Why? Because it is more attractive and more effective. Google whenever you create a new product for its introduction of video files.

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