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Customer Relationships: The Driving Force of Your Business

The single greatest asset your business has is your relationship with your customers. Erode it, and your business will play a Sisyphean game of trying to gain more buyers faster than your customers leave you.The Purpose of BusinessThe relationship you have with your customers is central to the purpo...


6 Ways to Prepare Your Business for Change

Klaus Schwab, founder of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, is among those who believe the coming business transformation will be on a par with the vast changes brought about by the steam engine, electric power, and the introduction of computing.Schwab identifies several ways bu...


Customer focused leadership: Making it a reality

This is such a rush! The thought of discussing two of my most favorite topics…customer focus and leadership. What is in it for me, you may ask. The hope is to help you see your business and your customers through a new set of eyes.Lets start with what it mean to be ‘customer-focused’. This is one of...

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