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ROCK CAMP '11   


Me and Andreas were put in a band called "AD/HD", with two drummers.

The first drummer was named "Jonas". The Second drummer was named "Magnus -Lonquer- Lange", and is in the band now.

The bass player was the "Left-handed" player "Vinny Sailer".

We Played Two Times, and then we broke.

But i wasn't giving up!

So a day i called Andreas and asked him "Hey A! Do you want to make a band?". And FUCK he was strange when i said it.

But He said "HELL YEAH!", and from that day me and "A" got'a band called "AD/HD".

It was cool the first week, but after that it was horrible.

We Needed a Drummer, and a Bass Player.

Andreas said to me "Hey let's call Lonquer".

I said "Good Idea!"

Lonquer said Yes!

The Bass player was a liiiittle more difficult to find.

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