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The Real Estate Broker License Florida Allows to Start Your Own Company and Make Good Profits

There are many real estate agents in Florida who in-spite of successfully closing many transactions every year are not satisfied with their income. This is because they need to split their income 80/20 or 70/30 with their brokerage firm and in addition also have to pay a transaction fee of $295 to $399 that leaves them with no good profits. However, this scenario can be changed by applying for the real estate broker license Florida with the help of the Florida broker of record that allows you to create your own legal entity for real estate business and make good profits that you need not share with any brokerage. Camila Murata and Jared Dalton who have been agents for quite a number of years and have rich experience in the real estate field have created their broker of record service that helps to create an opportunity for all those real estate agents who are interested to start their own brokerage. The broker of record service helps you with the procedure on how to start your own company with a step by step guidance on obtaining a federal employer identification number from the IRS department after forming the company and also get the real estate company license from DBPR by adding their name as the qualifying broker who shall activate your license through the DBPR website.

By staring your own brokerage you are free to give a name and create your own business model that you have been following to close your transactions successfully in the market. You no longer have to split the income in terms of commission or pay any transaction fees that surely leaves you with more than 100% plus profits within no time. All you need is to pay a flat $289 per month to theĀ broker of record services and the annual E&O insurance around $800 to $1000 per year. You can also create two entities for residential and commercial real estate business and can also add as many real estate agents from whom you can make extra earning in terms of commission and per transaction fees. The broker of record Florida also comes up with an exciting offer for their reseller program where you can make extra income by introducing real estate agents who are looking for qualifying broker of record services to start their own company.

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